28 January 2011

dior and success, rolled into one schoolgirl.

So as i was getting ready, eyelashes curled and my brogues on my post had arrived 5PM how bad is that? but nevertheless i'm getting used to it!
well freya's lovely present's she'd sent were here! the competition win, yay!
i excitedly ripped open the top and explored the lovely thing's inside, but at that time i was being ushered out the door ready to catch The train! NATIONAL TELEVISION AWARD'S!
it was so good, i'll try and post some pics tomorrow!
and then yesterday i was up at 6am and went to london for an art trip which was amazing! , I'm so proud of myself, but honestly, the V&A gallery is beautiful. I thought it'd be a bit eurh. When i used to look at it i'd think it was "weirdly old people" i don't know why... i was 12 c'mon, but wow i really was just "wow".
i was walking round  in awe with my little group, it just had so much loveliness and sparkle and detail. i really want to go back and spend longer there and see everything! it just made me proud to be english, i have this on my doorstep.
so i needed to go in the shop and buy some "post card's" for art coursework, and i saw these books and i instantly thought "oooh." "the little dictionary of fashion- christian dior."  ^ ^  ^
and there was even dior and load's of big designer names jewellery, bags etc i was really amazed at the beauty of them, i have some photos somewhere, the snuffboxes and jewellery were stunning, some were covered in diamond's! :O

So on to what i recieved for the competition win, i'll post freya's blogspot at the bottom :D

The pictures don't seem to be loading very well so i'll list the prizes

House of Holland suspender tight's.
Lauren Conrad book.
Choice of mac lipstick, i chose vegas volt (my very first mac lipstick woo! hah)
£20 Topshop voucher.

Now, I'm not just saying this but before I entered this comp me and my mum couldn't find these tight's anywhere and i really wanted them! so I'm so happy :D but also, i saw everyone saying how good Lauren Conrad's book is when it came out, and i went to get it nearly but was a bit put off by the price so i left it, and i started reading it last night and i couldn't stop... honestly i read until page 50 just so into it, its really good and the way she writes is nice- she isn't just telling you go to Gucci or Dior, but she mention's h&m and urban outfitters. realistic shops for a young adult. and I'll definitely take into consideration the tips she's said like staples in wardrobes and jeans, can't wait to read on more tonight :D
well I also received my very first mac lipstick, its funny how all them month's in 2010 i wanted something, anything from mac, and in the first 2 months of 2011 i've got 3 products from mac!
I've been hearing and reading coral colours are a big style trend in summer for lips and eyes which is why I chose Vegas Volt as it looks like a really nice bright colour hopefully it'll look nice on me, as im extremely pale!

Thank you so much to freya for doing this amazing competition, I feel so lucky because I never tend to win anything! and i didn't expect to win these lovely thing's
please if you haven't already go visit her blog, she's lovely;
thank you again :D :D

I seem to be rushing round at the moment in my life, I haven't had time to stop
I'm managing  ebay, im doing coursework, I'm taking exams and i'm catching up on work, doing sewing, making jewellery, painting, and in the chaos of it all actually stopping to eat. A friend mentioned the other day I look like I've lost weight. I don't feel myself i have but i can see why they could say it,  i haven't been doing it on purpose i've just been eating and busying round not even hungry!
oh and i've been "trying" to update my youtube but I haven't been able to, because I've been busy with school for the past 2 Week's, taking exams and art trips and what not...

I hope you're all well, and I'll try and write my NTA's post and post it tomorrow!
lots'a love,

sjmwell xo


  1. Well hello Samantha, or should I say Sam? ;) First of all I would like to thank you for following me. I really appreciate it! And then I would like to add you should continue doing what you do with your blog. I've been looking through it, and reading some stuff here and there, and I kinda like it :) Oh, I really love your nail tutorial, I never thought of combining two colors on the same nail like you did, so thank you for that!

    Have a great weekend,

  2. great post:)
    check out of my blog and if you like it follow me and i will do the same


  3. Sounds like such a lovely giveaway! Congrats on winning lovely:)xxx


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