11 January 2011

Going Away

Yes blogger's the hotel has wi-fi... free and actually work's!
so here i am typing away thinking what to base this post on, I seem to feel my blog's become boring- and I really don't want a boring normal blog
but I'll admit I truely spend most of my time on coursework, I have alot to catch up on- over a year's worth and I don't have time to take photos of my outfits *sad face.*

But when I settled in to the room I took a webcam photo in case you forgot my face or something ;)
but I planned some outfits for this week so I might ask my mum to take some photo's for me!

And im so excited... we went to Bluewater- straight to Mac!
I was like a fish out of water, honestly... I've never ever been to a Mac counter so I just kinda "browsed" although I knew what I wanted, so the lady came over and tested my shade *thank goodness* then she went, so I didn't know what to do... well I didn't know you had to go to the counter and say what you wanted! and tell them every single thing about you.... name, address, date of birth.
strolling on down to Urban Outfitter's oooh my favourite shop, haven't been in there for about 2 year's because there isn't one in essex near me, which is silly! well I saw the camera's at the front and I always browse them online, and i saw the fish eye camera, well I've always wanted a fish eye lens but they're kinda expensive, so my mum brought me this as one of my christmas present's {I could choose some of mine :D} yayyyy

I really can't wait to use it after this course, yay!
I really don't have much to say today, as I've been basically travelling all day except Bluewater, I'm absolutely exhausted!
doing a tiny bit Of coursework then I'll try and sleep,
Have a lovely day tomorrow!

sjmwell xo


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