26 February 2011

Art Coursework

Hi guy's, so just a quick update on my t-shirt im doing for the coursework;
I started it yesterday hand stitching the leather and pink cotton on the bottom and the Sleeve's.
Prepared all my bows ready to stick on, not sure where i'm going to put them all yet, but i'm sure I'll work it out, i've got to make load's of pom pom's yet also!
something really cute happened the other day, so i'll post tomorrow!


22 February 2011

Lush Vitamin C toner tab's - Review

Hey blogger's

So when me and my mum went shopping the other time we popped in to lush
and due to a party in there we were sort of forced to one half of the shop but I didn't mind as it was all the facial thing's and creams, I don't normally "browse" in Lush but as it was so busy I actually did weird as you usually browse a shop when it's quiet. well I spotted these "tablets" and decided to have a read... from what I read I thought you dropped it in when steaming your face and correcto I was! they had an option of a pack of them, 6 I think, but as I'd never tried them before i only brought two, priced 75p each!
If you wish to view them on the Lush website you can click here
It say's they are for "older skin" but i don't see why any age can't use them, they also have little tablet's for teenage skin, sensitive and other's!

I just popped mine in the steamer let it fizz and did what i usually do!
they really do fizz and dissolve VERY quickly! i literally took each of them photo's seconds apart from each other so it's great, just give it a bit of a stir as the frothy bubbles will grow a bit   lot. and just needed fluffing down.
if you don't have a facial steamer like me then you can simply use a bowl with boiling/hot water in and throw a towel over your head to keep in the steam just be careful as it will be hot.
the smell of these are really nice, and fresh! and not just for old skin as they "claim" but i think these would be nice to relax with, just the aroma is lovely in itself.

Results: after steaming for about 15 minutes i used a gentle exfoliator, cleansed then later on moisturised.

My skin was nice and soft (not that soft but still soft) which they say is from the antioxidant and rose- it seemed to make my complexion a bit clearer.
I suppose you'd need to do it regularly to see a bigger outcome?

Would I buy this again: yes I would!

Would you recommend this: yes certainly, for any skin type- not just "mature" it's very nice and gives a lovely smell.

Where to buy: from your local lush store, or online

Tomorrow I hope to be sourcing some of my craft and fabric's for the t-shirt I'll be making... I'll keep you posted!
have a lovely day guy's,

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