17 March 2011


Last night I had a lovely evening at southend library for a talk and book signing with Barbara Erskine part of Essex book festival.
Me and my mum went along and it was incredibly cold, whoever said summer is coming quick is lying- we were freezing... and guess who wore a dress? but the walk up to the top floor soon warmed us up and we grabbed a seat at the back.
i looked round and realised i was the only one out of all of the people there under the age of 20 (bear in mind im 16) all of the ladies were over 50 years old and only 2 men joined their wives (i reckon they were dragged there by their solemn faces.) p.s- their was over 100 people there.

there was wine and nibbles and like true british everybody was on the food like flies because its free & the same with the wine, there was one man who repeatedly got up for another large glass of red wine and by the end of the night when barbara answered questions he was the drunk at the back asking silly questions and getting rather philosophical, then one lady at the front passed out, and one fell asleep infront of me- i didn't expect there to be so many old people there.
but overall it was a very lovely evening, she spoke about her book lady of hay which has just had its 25th anniversary and sold over 20million copies (and one of my favourites) it was nice listening to her explain behind it and then she signed my book for me and took a few photo's!


13 March 2011

a thrifty find #1

hey lovelies!

so the day after my charity shop bug post i actually went to my favourite town for charity shops, beaming with excitement i went in the first one which i left with nothing...
in the second i discovered a super cute white vintage cardigan with embroidered flower's, i'd wear it myself but instead im going to give it to my lovely nan :-)
i then walked down and went in one i've never been in before, it was so tidy and at first i thought i'd find nothing, but oh my was i wrong.
the first thing at the front of the shop was the bag stand so i browsed and came across this beauty i've put photos of it on the left, it was so un-usual and very 1940-50's its in perfect condition it's CRAZY!, at first i wasn't sure but i stayed hold of it and in the end brought it, now i really fell in love with it when i picked it up but i realised when i got home my "style" wouldn't do this bag any justice, i don't wear vintage 50's dresses and what not, so i decided to sell it on to someone who will love it and do it justice, added on my ebay here!
i only added it earlier thinking it wouldnt get any interest and it's already had 2 bid's, wow. okay!
p.s- if any of my readers ever buy any of my thing's on ebay send me a message to let me know!

as i was browsing the rest of the shop my mum came and showed me an old Monopoly CLASSIC. i was amazed! my mum and family love Monopoly and i really wanted to buy my mum it so i brought it for her.
price? £1.50 an absolute bargain its in mint cond.
i then went to pay and spotted a very beautiful floral china pot in The Cabinet, i really instantly fell in love with it, it only cost £2 and it was once again in perfect condition, now i know this may sound totally absurd but i'm starting to collect things for my "house or flat" that i'll be getting in about say 5 year's? because i love old vintage granny stuff and i know in a few years this stuff won't be around, so im buying it- packaging it and Then storing it... yes it's years ahead but preparation is key right?
and i know the joy it will bring when i find my boxes of these treasures in years ahead and placing them in my own house/flat i'll be so happy i've collected these thing's now.

also popped in New Look and brought a tee, y'know the simple ones with pocket's... im going to add leather to the pocket's and then stud it. i also got a really nice sheer "blouse" with a peter pan neckline floral... for summer which i can't wait to wear, its so hard to picture as its sheer so i may do an outfit post wearing it in the Summer!
also just picked up some make-up, a new ring, primark bit's,  the total in superdrug came to £21 but i had a voucher so i only paid £6 BARGAIN BUY or what?! talk about a saving!

i then today walked to my local church with my mum as they had a craft stall open day on, it was a really cute church but it wasn't craft.. but collectors things such as stamps and wartime... knitting etc. but i still enjoyed it and the history. they had a mini mueseum of old things which was beautiful.
so we brought a few bits and Bob's, and plus the money goes towards a history book of the town!

over-all a good "haul" this weekend.

lot'sa love,


9 March 2011

What I wore #001

I'll admit when I promised I'd do some outfit posts 3 month's ago I sort of failed at keeping up with it, but truthfully I've been really ill and the thought of taking a photo of myself felt awful, I just don't mention it in my posts- I love the way I talk about my "illness" as If I have a cold but I don't wish to bore you with details! :')

The dress  i brought it from h&m - The cardigan is vintage  - Shoes are Primark - Ring's are handmade by me - Backpack I brought from a vintage shop

So as I said, today I felt "ok" I never feel fully good but today was what I would call a sort of good day for me,  I did "try" to take photo's on my canon slr but where It was on timer on the tripod it wouldn't focus on me and then I'd be too close to the camera where all you could see was my lips and chest, not much of an "outfit post" aye?  so I tried to take a picture in the mirror but where I'm so short I had to stand on my tip toes which made the dress lose it's shape! ah it was just one thing after another...

I thought about selling my handmade ring's online- I actually made my own website to sell them but I'm worried no-one would buy them, I make all the bows myself then fix them on to rings, the rose in the picture is also made of a paperlike material but is in-fact very strong and so cute.So hmm who knows?

p.s- guess what, guess what... i sourced not one pair but TWO pair's of scalloped hemmed shorts remember i mentioned them in my last post? i am so happy, although i haven't brought a pair yet, i will soon when i feel up to the effort of shopping.


5 March 2011

Red Nose Day Craft Idea's-

Hey blogger's!

It's March! (yes i know, I'm 5 days late! : / )
my nan turns 97 tomorrow, wow... i absolutely love my nan, and look up to her immensely. shes a pure inspiration.
It's also pancake day, yum yum yum i never seem to have them apart from this individual day like many!
red nose day for comic relief is also upcoming, so are you dawning on your red nose or sitting in silence for money?
I did buy 2 red noses- as i did last year. i dont know why but the little monsters amuse me with their faces!
I just went on Myspace and found these photo's from last years rnd. It's crazy how young I look with my best friend Hayley, my hair is also so so short! In the photo she actually just came up to me telling me to get in a photo, while I was half way through flicking through my Marie Claire (how rude, hahaha!)

Now if you're at school or college you don't seem to wear them on your "nose" all day, they get annoying, or you may just not like it on your nose.
I thought, well why not wear them in another way?

1) Simply stitch them on to a elastic headband so they're visible on your head, or a hard headband but stick them instead (my theory was if you just do a simple stitch on an elastic band you can cut and put it on your nose if you change your mind through the day!)

2) Another simple stitch, stitch or stick them on your tee if you haven't purchased a rnd shirt...this year Vivienne Westwood designed them.. oooh fancy!

I'm still plodding along, diy-ing on my art coursework shirt I showed you in the last post it's looking good & will be being studded this weekend hopefully.. I'll need my dads muscles they're so fiddly and hard to do!
I also got some really lovely news today which put my faith back in everything :-)

Have a nice weekend,  Pancake Day and rnd guy's!

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