13 March 2011

a thrifty find #1

hey lovelies!

so the day after my charity shop bug post i actually went to my favourite town for charity shops, beaming with excitement i went in the first one which i left with nothing...
in the second i discovered a super cute white vintage cardigan with embroidered flower's, i'd wear it myself but instead im going to give it to my lovely nan :-)
i then walked down and went in one i've never been in before, it was so tidy and at first i thought i'd find nothing, but oh my was i wrong.
the first thing at the front of the shop was the bag stand so i browsed and came across this beauty i've put photos of it on the left, it was so un-usual and very 1940-50's its in perfect condition it's CRAZY!, at first i wasn't sure but i stayed hold of it and in the end brought it, now i really fell in love with it when i picked it up but i realised when i got home my "style" wouldn't do this bag any justice, i don't wear vintage 50's dresses and what not, so i decided to sell it on to someone who will love it and do it justice, added on my ebay here!
i only added it earlier thinking it wouldnt get any interest and it's already had 2 bid's, wow. okay!
p.s- if any of my readers ever buy any of my thing's on ebay send me a message to let me know!

as i was browsing the rest of the shop my mum came and showed me an old Monopoly CLASSIC. i was amazed! my mum and family love Monopoly and i really wanted to buy my mum it so i brought it for her.
price? £1.50 an absolute bargain its in mint cond.
i then went to pay and spotted a very beautiful floral china pot in The Cabinet, i really instantly fell in love with it, it only cost £2 and it was once again in perfect condition, now i know this may sound totally absurd but i'm starting to collect things for my "house or flat" that i'll be getting in about say 5 year's? because i love old vintage granny stuff and i know in a few years this stuff won't be around, so im buying it- packaging it and Then storing it... yes it's years ahead but preparation is key right?
and i know the joy it will bring when i find my boxes of these treasures in years ahead and placing them in my own house/flat i'll be so happy i've collected these thing's now.

also popped in New Look and brought a tee, y'know the simple ones with pocket's... im going to add leather to the pocket's and then stud it. i also got a really nice sheer "blouse" with a peter pan neckline floral... for summer which i can't wait to wear, its so hard to picture as its sheer so i may do an outfit post wearing it in the Summer!
also just picked up some make-up, a new ring, primark bit's,  the total in superdrug came to £21 but i had a voucher so i only paid £6 BARGAIN BUY or what?! talk about a saving!

i then today walked to my local church with my mum as they had a craft stall open day on, it was a really cute church but it wasn't craft.. but collectors things such as stamps and wartime... knitting etc. but i still enjoyed it and the history. they had a mini mueseum of old things which was beautiful.
so we brought a few bits and Bob's, and plus the money goes towards a history book of the town!

over-all a good "haul" this weekend.

lot'sa love,


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