5 March 2011

Red Nose Day Craft Idea's-

Hey blogger's!

It's March! (yes i know, I'm 5 days late! : / )
my nan turns 97 tomorrow, wow... i absolutely love my nan, and look up to her immensely. shes a pure inspiration.
It's also pancake day, yum yum yum i never seem to have them apart from this individual day like many!
red nose day for comic relief is also upcoming, so are you dawning on your red nose or sitting in silence for money?
I did buy 2 red noses- as i did last year. i dont know why but the little monsters amuse me with their faces!
I just went on Myspace and found these photo's from last years rnd. It's crazy how young I look with my best friend Hayley, my hair is also so so short! In the photo she actually just came up to me telling me to get in a photo, while I was half way through flicking through my Marie Claire (how rude, hahaha!)

Now if you're at school or college you don't seem to wear them on your "nose" all day, they get annoying, or you may just not like it on your nose.
I thought, well why not wear them in another way?

1) Simply stitch them on to a elastic headband so they're visible on your head, or a hard headband but stick them instead (my theory was if you just do a simple stitch on an elastic band you can cut and put it on your nose if you change your mind through the day!)

2) Another simple stitch, stitch or stick them on your tee if you haven't purchased a rnd shirt...this year Vivienne Westwood designed them.. oooh fancy!

I'm still plodding along, diy-ing on my art coursework shirt I showed you in the last post it's looking good & will be being studded this weekend hopefully.. I'll need my dads muscles they're so fiddly and hard to do!
I also got some really lovely news today which put my faith back in everything :-)

Have a nice weekend,  Pancake Day and rnd guy's!


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