17 March 2011


Last night I had a lovely evening at southend library for a talk and book signing with Barbara Erskine part of Essex book festival.
Me and my mum went along and it was incredibly cold, whoever said summer is coming quick is lying- we were freezing... and guess who wore a dress? but the walk up to the top floor soon warmed us up and we grabbed a seat at the back.
i looked round and realised i was the only one out of all of the people there under the age of 20 (bear in mind im 16) all of the ladies were over 50 years old and only 2 men joined their wives (i reckon they were dragged there by their solemn faces.) p.s- their was over 100 people there.

there was wine and nibbles and like true british everybody was on the food like flies because its free & the same with the wine, there was one man who repeatedly got up for another large glass of red wine and by the end of the night when barbara answered questions he was the drunk at the back asking silly questions and getting rather philosophical, then one lady at the front passed out, and one fell asleep infront of me- i didn't expect there to be so many old people there.
but overall it was a very lovely evening, she spoke about her book lady of hay which has just had its 25th anniversary and sold over 20million copies (and one of my favourites) it was nice listening to her explain behind it and then she signed my book for me and took a few photo's!


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