9 March 2011

What I wore #001

I'll admit when I promised I'd do some outfit posts 3 month's ago I sort of failed at keeping up with it, but truthfully I've been really ill and the thought of taking a photo of myself felt awful, I just don't mention it in my posts- I love the way I talk about my "illness" as If I have a cold but I don't wish to bore you with details! :')

The dress  i brought it from h&m - The cardigan is vintage  - Shoes are Primark - Ring's are handmade by me - Backpack I brought from a vintage shop

So as I said, today I felt "ok" I never feel fully good but today was what I would call a sort of good day for me,  I did "try" to take photo's on my canon slr but where It was on timer on the tripod it wouldn't focus on me and then I'd be too close to the camera where all you could see was my lips and chest, not much of an "outfit post" aye?  so I tried to take a picture in the mirror but where I'm so short I had to stand on my tip toes which made the dress lose it's shape! ah it was just one thing after another...

I thought about selling my handmade ring's online- I actually made my own website to sell them but I'm worried no-one would buy them, I make all the bows myself then fix them on to rings, the rose in the picture is also made of a paperlike material but is in-fact very strong and so cute.So hmm who knows?

p.s- guess what, guess what... i sourced not one pair but TWO pair's of scalloped hemmed shorts remember i mentioned them in my last post? i am so happy, although i haven't brought a pair yet, i will soon when i feel up to the effort of shopping.



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