8 April 2011

What I wore #002 // A thrifty find #2 & a few handy buy's this week!

 i've been so busy with school and exams this week i haven't even turnt on my laptop let alone blog which i've really missed, i've been preety much on autopiolet just getting on with all my work this week which has been so crazy, i won't even try and take a photo of all of it, lets just say i've filled up 3 A2 art folders full of work & 3 sketchbook's.
so right now i'm enjoying this beautiful summer weather and celebrating finishing my art work with doing well... NOTHING with the dog sleeping at my feet,  i brought a few thing's over the week and thought i'd make a post to show you all.

Last night we went to a lovely tiny italian restaurant for my mum's birthday and as usual it was yummy!
we decided to try frog's leg's for the first time and they were quite nice, like chewy greasy chicken- it was a really nice meal, :c

 I found this domino set a few weeks ago and never brought it but when i saw it last week i had to pick it up... it's so cute in it's little wooden box- with no pieces missing. it'll be nice to have in a few years time
price £2.50.
A few months ago i brought my dad a bell from the charity shop as a joke and when i found this other one that looks very similar i had to pick up
price £1.00
when i saw this cute little glass/crystal pot's for only 50p I immediately picked them up, what a bargain! no chips or anything... they are so pretty and i thought to use them as candle holders
(yankee candle sweet pea in there at the moment)
price 50p.

I've been in to Hobbycraft so much now that theres a boy in there who actually remember's me and asks "what you making this time?!" as i always buy things at different times to stock up, i've been going in there so much as i needed to buy things for my art exam so he wished me luck... bless him!
the pink glue in the picture i've actually purchased 5 of them over 6 days and used them all, oh dear..
just thought i'd post a picture of things i brought today trust me i brought so much more this week :(
i should really have a loyalty card for there, i was in there yesterday AND today buying things.

also brought some hair and nail thing's but i'll post them another day with a tutorial/review as i really love them!
 this was just a little post of things i picked up this week, hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy this absolutely hot summer weather!

what am i wearing in the outfit photo?
banksy shirt= made by a friend
skort= primark
boatie shoes= primark


  1. Love the banksy t-shirt! Well done on your friend for making it :) it's always nice having things that you know no-one else will have xxx

  2. AAAA that shirt is so cool!! :) I LOVE Banksy's art. <3

    Nice finds:) I like to shop all kinds of cute things from fleamarkets etc. because they're much cheaper & most of the time more unique stuff!


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