10 April 2011

a thrifty find #3 inc vogue vintage fair

just a quick post showing you what i brought today at the vogue vintage fair, i was up surprisingly early which is very rare for me, i think the excitment of knowing i was going made me wake up though!
i went 2 years ago and it was soo good  but last year i was too ill to go, so we went today. i didn't expect to buy much except a few charms/jewellery as i find vintage traders and shops overprice their stock so much a plain example is the bag i sold on ebay last week (the post is here) i brought for £3 they had loads and loads of the exact same ones there today charging £18... ridiculous!

i couldn't stop finding such lovely things though, they also have vintage gucci and dior which is amazing too see really, and some things which you just want to bow down it's so beautiful.

on to what i brought...

both £2 each.

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italian leather small bag
£5, quite cheap considering :/
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loved this bag!
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the bag has a hinge which expands to open it/close,
 i love it so much!
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real leather purse, perfect size for me
with a little pocket in the middle of the change part.. so handy!

i always love going to the vintage fair, people dress up lovely with women looking like they stepped out the 1950's and the atmosphere, i wasn't aloud to take photos :(
the only thing i would say is £4.50 to just get in is WAY over-priced when you get nothing free, just to get in and walk but  apart from that i love what I brought and it was lovely!


  1. cute stuff! love the brown leather satchel

  2. amaaazing purchases, looove the satchel

    hope you'll enter my giveaway!


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