25 May 2011

A mini teeny weeny haul...

ok, so i know i said i was doing this project 10 pan where i have to use everything up before i purchase anything else but they were "sort of" essentials (shh they wasn't.)
because my e.l.f package arrived today i thought i'd do a little post!

After months of browsing elf's website and seeing load's I wanted to try I finally placed an order, although I only brought some product's i needed before things I "wanted"
brush shampoo, I really needed something to clean and make my brushes nice and their brush cleaner was out of stock, boo!
I also wanted to try one of their nail varnishes, for £1.50 each... bargain if its nice.
I got one in gum pink because even though I have sooo many pink & purple varnish I wanted a barbie bright pink and this is lovely, I haven't tried it properly but I swatched it earlier and even though it looked thin it coated great- may have to buy extra colours!
i wanted to also try the complexion perfection after so many people talking about it, even though it soaks up oil, and i don't have an oily face i hope it works... i have a dry face, the opposite- hm.
don't let peoples and my photos fool you, the colours are rather different then in person, not that it matters much!
also picked up a concealer brush from their 1.50 line because i need to stop using my fingers and be more precise, ITS SO TINY! honestly, when i saw it i was like "oh." but a good oh, it looks like it will be  perfect to get under your eyes near the lashes while being precise, can't wait to try!
i got the lipgloss in goddess as a free gift because i entered a coupon code, i never wear lipgloss, i only have 1 barrym but i might try it out.

p&p only cost me £1, also because of the coupon instead of £2.95
even though i really hate companies charging soo  much for posting, i really don't mind for e.l.f because i placed the order at 11pm monday night, i got an email tuesday that it had been dispached and it arrived today, perfect service. in the future i will pay the full postage price if i needed too but for £1 i was pleasantly pleased.

i haven't brought from elf since last august which was only eyeliner, can't wait to try more because its such good prices, i think they need to have more offers etc for england like they do for america though- im a bit of a bargain girl and i love coupons etc ha!

also picked up a clear mua mascara in shade 1 (just for my eyebrows) and a small plastic pot to mix my foundation in.
My mum also treated me to some David & Goliath pug shorts when we went to London  even if i can't get the pug yet its sort of the next best thing!

sjmwell x

6 May 2011

post, hair styles and a mug of soup!

just a quickie post, i actually made this post but never actually "posted" it, i just came across it in my draft's so here it is!

i recieved the nail art thing's i ordered- which was really exciting, after seeing the idea of nail stamping from this lovely ladies blog (which is absolutely amazing if you like nail art, really love her posts!) i decided to youtube and ebay search and found some really beautiful results!
Konad the main retailer is american based and on their uk site charge £6 for ONE of their metal hexagan shapes for stamping, as its my first and its quite a lot for a piece of metal shape i decided to search around, how much did i get a replica for?  £1.50 bargain of the day?!

the "animated" one is konad's m3 plate ( on the left) and on the right is the one i brought, i think it's a really good match, plus i get 2 extra patterns! works the same so great.

i also brought the konad stamper which is kinda needed- i really can't wait to use it!

i've always "wrapped" my fringe up into a bun when it comes to the summer months but i seem to be added a more 50's twist on it, it looks like theres only the 2 clips here but trust me there are many hiding!
This is my hair today, i may do a tutorial on it when summer is finally here properly?? its super easy and perfect to sweep hair off the face in a sleek way!

sjmwell x
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