30 June 2011

LOTD #2: rimmel rose blush

If you live in england you will most probably have experienced the two day "heatwave". By the end of the day i was wishing for it to rain and be normal england and oh yes it did- the next day we had thunder, lightning and bucket full's of rain!
On the day of the heatwave me and my mum had some very yummy ice cream's, i realised my bubblegum & lemon ice matched my shade's and took a picture! i was wearing this lipstick then coincidently!
i also wore it again today when i did a little shop, just a preety shiny pink. This was the first real lipstick i probably owned, quite a nice pinky shade does what it says; moisturising shine!

thank you for all your lovely comment's on my last LOTD!
lot'sa love,

sjmwell x

24 June 2011

LOTD: vegas volt by mac.

LOTD? yes lips of the day!
i've started to wear more lipstick lately and thought i would do a little "series" of what i wore that day
along with swatches etc.

i really love my lipsticks lately, i never used to wear any but i seem to be buying more!
so i thought i'd do a cute little "series" of what lipsticks i wear if i do daily, sometimes i feel neutral such as beehive (17) or bright coral such as today!
i'm not a mac product expert, i only brought my first product in January; a concealer. I dont have a local mac counter or stall so i've only have been to one once sadly.
but i won a giveaway also in January and i had a choice of choosing a Mac lipstick, i quickly looked on their website and had no clue what so ever. lustres, matte, amplified, creme i was totally confuzzled!

vegas volt looked like a lovely summer coral so i asked for that.
when it came i realised just how bright it was, wow. i've never had such a daringly bright lipstick.
i didn't wear it alot but where the sun's been shining i've brought it back out, love love love it!
sometimes i just dab a tiny bit on and "wear it off" a bit so it's toned down and it give's me a nice little summery glow. Today however i went full force and didn't dab it down, brave!

i really have started to love this, when it starts to wear off it still looks lovely and look's just so nice for summer, it suit's my skin tone perfectly; where i'm so fair some bright lipsticks can drain me out a bit more but this just looks normal and lovely!

please ignore my terribly bad eye circles & bags,
surviving on a few hour's a night for months really does affect you! -.-

what lipsticks are your favourite from any brand?
any mac lipstick favourites? i have no clue what ones!
sjmwell x

Glossybox #1: June

hello blogger's!
I am blogging in the am of the day, something which i have never done on this blog, I'm very rarely awake- i was awoken by a courier delivering my Glossybox, when I first heard about It I blogged because i was so so excited by it after reading about Birchbox (us version.)
I "ordered" one back on may 4th? and sadly missed the May box and had to wait 2 or so months for it meaning of course I was so excited to open it all up and see what goodies lay in side and I wanted to write a post, so that is what I did, but what did I get?

Think it's really cute how Glossybox have linked in for summer ready items, with all the festivals starting now, very handy!

First up was the OPI min nail varnish, i love OPI varnish so was happy with this- i don't tend to use glitter because its a pain to get off at the end but it will look pretty in the sunshine.
Then was the Bioeffect egf serum, apparently Icelands best kept secret! it is suitable for all skin types and ages but at 16 I'm not sure i want to look younger quite yet? hydrated yes! it comes with a card/ instructions on, i might try it I'm not sure.
a classic staple in a festival and nearly every summer girl's bag next, Batiste dry shampoo.
a handy little thing and i was going to buy one the other day as i had lost mine not much to say on this!
a mini perfume was in here also, Lalique "Perles le Lalique" it's a nice smell, not one i would usually wear but nice all the same, it's lovely they used natural materials from around the world also.
lastly is a oriental smelling bath/shower gel by Abahna- i don't really like the smell, so i may give this to my   mum or something.

I think  product's people use are quite personal, there's certain fragrances I love but say someone else may not particularly like, we all have different tastes, opinions and like's.
out of the 5 thing's I would only use 2. I hate to say it but I'm a bit dis-appointed I really didn't want to be because I was so excited for it to arrive.
I know I'm not going to love the product's all the time but batiste dry shampoo is something in my local superdrug for say £1, and OPI which I like because I love nail varnish.
I've never heard of the other product's so i don't know how much the retail at...

Have you received your glossybox yet if you ordered one?

EDIT:  Glossybox have just emailed everyone telling us they will be charging £2.95 postage on top of the £10 for the box.
i noticed girls talking about an extra £2.95 on twitter so i checked my emails to find one from them.

lots'a love
sjmwell x


22 June 2011

hello bloggers!
i am back with a how to: tutorial. I haven't made one of these posts in month's and i really have missed doing them.
The other day i was reading my new favourite blog gemfatale, she had posted an idea about making her own bunting, i myself really wanted some to hang in my room months ago but fabrics were costly and i didn't want to just buy one.
i was amazed at the simplicity of the tip so i decided to have a go at making it myself!
gem suggest's wrapping paper which i did originally pick up today however when picking up plants in Homebase my mum mentioned about picking up some wallpaper samples and using them as they have so many preety ones... and for free!
so we did, and we picked up far more then we realised- getting um how do i put this "slightly" carried away...
filling up a whole homebase bag of it all we did get some strange look's but maybe we have a big house to decorate?
so when i got home i was itching to try it out as i always do when i find a handy tip.
i also wanted to share it with you bloggers because you really can't go wrong with this, it looks so preety and you aren't paying for anything as all the things i used were already in my house or free! how good is that?

i also made a video just to show you how easy it really is, it's my new youtube channel... yes i decided i might make some video's even though i always muddle my words when i seem to "talk" to a camera, but i will try again!
the bunting will hopefully be proudly hanging in my video's!
if you have youtube please subscribe! i'd really appreciate it :c

let me know if you guy's try it out,
more low money quick tutorials will be up regularly i hope!
lot'sa love;

sjmwell x

16 June 2011

hello bloggers!
i have left school, exams are finished and my stress levels have lowered back to normal, at last!
a great big weight feels like it's been lifted from my shoulders, i saw my lovely best friend on the last day of my exams who i haven't seen in month's which was a nice "ending"?
i've missed blogging, i have a few idea's for my blog now it's summer & i don't have studying which is exciting, i may be doing some video's for youtube such as beauty recipes and reviews hopefully, i only tried to make a few, badly... so maybe!

i've brought a few products over the weeks so i'll be posting about them soon, with the Glossybox also arriving this month some time.

I gave in and ordered liz earle cleanse & polish, arriving beautifully packaged in tissue paper and sticker along with loads of information, i also received a complimentary muslin cloth with small cleanse & polish which was lovely, i didn't expect it!
so far i love it, my skin is super soft and smooth, yay!

i've actually been using twitter, i Quite like it now!

i'll be posting more in the week, my camera run out of battery so i'll post more during the week,
hope you're all well,

sjmwell x
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