24 June 2011

Glossybox #1: June

hello blogger's!
I am blogging in the am of the day, something which i have never done on this blog, I'm very rarely awake- i was awoken by a courier delivering my Glossybox, when I first heard about It I blogged because i was so so excited by it after reading about Birchbox (us version.)
I "ordered" one back on may 4th? and sadly missed the May box and had to wait 2 or so months for it meaning of course I was so excited to open it all up and see what goodies lay in side and I wanted to write a post, so that is what I did, but what did I get?

Think it's really cute how Glossybox have linked in for summer ready items, with all the festivals starting now, very handy!

First up was the OPI min nail varnish, i love OPI varnish so was happy with this- i don't tend to use glitter because its a pain to get off at the end but it will look pretty in the sunshine.
Then was the Bioeffect egf serum, apparently Icelands best kept secret! it is suitable for all skin types and ages but at 16 I'm not sure i want to look younger quite yet? hydrated yes! it comes with a card/ instructions on, i might try it I'm not sure.
a classic staple in a festival and nearly every summer girl's bag next, Batiste dry shampoo.
a handy little thing and i was going to buy one the other day as i had lost mine not much to say on this!
a mini perfume was in here also, Lalique "Perles le Lalique" it's a nice smell, not one i would usually wear but nice all the same, it's lovely they used natural materials from around the world also.
lastly is a oriental smelling bath/shower gel by Abahna- i don't really like the smell, so i may give this to my   mum or something.

I think  product's people use are quite personal, there's certain fragrances I love but say someone else may not particularly like, we all have different tastes, opinions and like's.
out of the 5 thing's I would only use 2. I hate to say it but I'm a bit dis-appointed I really didn't want to be because I was so excited for it to arrive.
I know I'm not going to love the product's all the time but batiste dry shampoo is something in my local superdrug for say £1, and OPI which I like because I love nail varnish.
I've never heard of the other product's so i don't know how much the retail at...

Have you received your glossybox yet if you ordered one?

EDIT:  Glossybox have just emailed everyone telling us they will be charging £2.95 postage on top of the £10 for the box.
i noticed girls talking about an extra £2.95 on twitter so i checked my emails to find one from them.

lots'a love
sjmwell x



  1. Great review on these, I love the OPI nail varnish! I ordered mine late May so have to wait until July, so excited! Keep up the great work on your blog :) xx

  2. ooh so now they've put up their prices does it mean it's not worth it anymore?


  3. hi thanks for your comment on my blog.

    Glossybox is always going to be a surprise because you don't know what you'll get, everyone will have different opinions because we all like different thing's.
    however if i was to base on whether i would order another box on the first i recieved then no i wouldn't because i wouldn't class "batiste" as high end or luxury. amongst other reasons.
    i'm not the only girl to be disappointed or cancel subscription.

    everyone has different views, and for some people £12.50 isn't much to spend on something you never know you'll like, but you might recieve great thing's like the nars tube... it's a gamble.
    but for a student it's a bit dis-appointing.


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