22 June 2011

hello bloggers!
i am back with a how to: tutorial. I haven't made one of these posts in month's and i really have missed doing them.
The other day i was reading my new favourite blog gemfatale, she had posted an idea about making her own bunting, i myself really wanted some to hang in my room months ago but fabrics were costly and i didn't want to just buy one.
i was amazed at the simplicity of the tip so i decided to have a go at making it myself!
gem suggest's wrapping paper which i did originally pick up today however when picking up plants in Homebase my mum mentioned about picking up some wallpaper samples and using them as they have so many preety ones... and for free!
so we did, and we picked up far more then we realised- getting um how do i put this "slightly" carried away...
filling up a whole homebase bag of it all we did get some strange look's but maybe we have a big house to decorate?
so when i got home i was itching to try it out as i always do when i find a handy tip.
i also wanted to share it with you bloggers because you really can't go wrong with this, it looks so preety and you aren't paying for anything as all the things i used were already in my house or free! how good is that?

i also made a video just to show you how easy it really is, it's my new youtube channel... yes i decided i might make some video's even though i always muddle my words when i seem to "talk" to a camera, but i will try again!
the bunting will hopefully be proudly hanging in my video's!
if you have youtube please subscribe! i'd really appreciate it :c

let me know if you guy's try it out,
more low money quick tutorials will be up regularly i hope!
lot'sa love;

sjmwell x

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  1. Oh, muddling words in front of camera - it's so totally ME! ;)

    Thank you visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment - means a lot to me! :) X

    P.S. Don’t forget about my new giveaway!



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