16 June 2011

hello bloggers!
i have left school, exams are finished and my stress levels have lowered back to normal, at last!
a great big weight feels like it's been lifted from my shoulders, i saw my lovely best friend on the last day of my exams who i haven't seen in month's which was a nice "ending"?
i've missed blogging, i have a few idea's for my blog now it's summer & i don't have studying which is exciting, i may be doing some video's for youtube such as beauty recipes and reviews hopefully, i only tried to make a few, badly... so maybe!

i've brought a few products over the weeks so i'll be posting about them soon, with the Glossybox also arriving this month some time.

I gave in and ordered liz earle cleanse & polish, arriving beautifully packaged in tissue paper and sticker along with loads of information, i also received a complimentary muslin cloth with small cleanse & polish which was lovely, i didn't expect it!
so far i love it, my skin is super soft and smooth, yay!

i've actually been using twitter, i Quite like it now!

i'll be posting more in the week, my camera run out of battery so i'll post more during the week,
hope you're all well,

sjmwell x


  1. so jealous of you finishing your exams! :)
    and these products look lovely!

  2. finishing your exams is the best feeling ever! though when i finished mine i felt really guilty for not revising or doing homework when i didn't have any to do! it feels really weird not doing work! have a great extended holiday! :D good luck with your results too :)

  3. Your so lucky :) I have loads of exams left :( You have a lovely blog i followed :)xx


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