24 June 2011

LOTD: vegas volt by mac.

LOTD? yes lips of the day!
i've started to wear more lipstick lately and thought i would do a little "series" of what i wore that day
along with swatches etc.

i really love my lipsticks lately, i never used to wear any but i seem to be buying more!
so i thought i'd do a cute little "series" of what lipsticks i wear if i do daily, sometimes i feel neutral such as beehive (17) or bright coral such as today!
i'm not a mac product expert, i only brought my first product in January; a concealer. I dont have a local mac counter or stall so i've only have been to one once sadly.
but i won a giveaway also in January and i had a choice of choosing a Mac lipstick, i quickly looked on their website and had no clue what so ever. lustres, matte, amplified, creme i was totally confuzzled!

vegas volt looked like a lovely summer coral so i asked for that.
when it came i realised just how bright it was, wow. i've never had such a daringly bright lipstick.
i didn't wear it alot but where the sun's been shining i've brought it back out, love love love it!
sometimes i just dab a tiny bit on and "wear it off" a bit so it's toned down and it give's me a nice little summery glow. Today however i went full force and didn't dab it down, brave!

i really have started to love this, when it starts to wear off it still looks lovely and look's just so nice for summer, it suit's my skin tone perfectly; where i'm so fair some bright lipsticks can drain me out a bit more but this just looks normal and lovely!

please ignore my terribly bad eye circles & bags,
surviving on a few hour's a night for months really does affect you! -.-

what lipsticks are your favourite from any brand?
any mac lipstick favourites? i have no clue what ones!
sjmwell x


  1. Ohh, nice! Really looking good, Sam :)


  2. I'm always tempted to by Vegas Volt but always end up going for something more tame! Looks good on you though!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway - my sidebar badge code is in the left sidebar near the top on my blog. Just tried to pick up your code from your widget, but it won't let me copy?? Can you check if it's working? If not just send me the code?

    Gem xx

  3. Thats such a gorgeous colour! I love mac lippies :) xo


  4. That's such a nice colour and it really suits you :) I love your blog, keep up the good work xxxxx

  5. that color looks lovely on you. i've tried wearing so many different shades of lipstick but clear gloss always looks best on me =/

  6. OMG! This is my favourite lipstick at the moment!! :D

    You have 3 days to enter mine! Do participate!!:D


  7. Thanks for your comment! :)
    This is very pretty, I have Costa Chic, which I think is similar but slightly lighter in colour!

  8. I love that colour, it looks great on you. You have a wonderful blog, I will definitly check back to read more of your posts. I wish you all of the luck in the world (although I am sure you don't need it).

    All the best,


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