27 July 2011

Rimmel London lasting finish trio blusher swatch/review

I recently picked this blusher up (well i say recently, it was a good month ago!) and i've been wearing it daily if i choose to wear blush, it's quite versatile for many skin tone's, i am extrememly pale and only use the first colour, the second would look quite "dirty" looking because of how pale i am if i chose to wear it, however i think it would look lovely on a darker skin tone, it's quite a brown/berry/pink.
The last shade is a darker rosy pink which would look nice if brushed very lightly on pale skin and would suit preety much anyone.
When i picked this up i didn't read the back or swatch it so i brought it on a whim but i'm glad i did, when i brought it home I swatched it and realised the first colour would be a perfect highlight, it's not like usual highlights which is usually gold fleck's but this look's like the highlight is a pale pinky/silver which i have been looking for, for absolutely ages because gold really does show up on my cheeks looking fake and quite "over made up" only now have i realised on the back it states "highlighting" (oops!)

If you are quite fair toned and are looking for a blush/highlight this first shade in the trio is perfect, i have already emailed Rimmel asking if they do this one shade in a single blush but the guy wasn't sure as it is done through a different pr company.

As i have already said my skin is very pale i am lighter the mac's nc15, i did try to swatch the blush quite heavily but they are sheer (which is another plus to the blusher) they are in order of bottom to top (left to right in the compact)
it is 021: summer fever.

i brought mine for only £1.99 but you can pick this little beauty up in boot's or superdrug for £5.19

If you haven't gathered already i am in love with the first shade, Rimmel... please bring this out in a singular! 
sjmwell x

11 July 2011

--CLOSED-- the small 100 giveaway!

Back before my exam's i said i'll do a little giveaway when i finish them all and it's summer, it just so happened during the week of my exams i hit 100 follower's so i really wanted to do one!
this is also my 100th blog post so it's the 100 giveaway ;)

i'm giving my lovely follower's who have followed me before now an extra entry each so you'll be entered twice (please let me know on the comment form though, i will double check so don't cheat!) however new follower's are also welcome of course and if you also want an extra entry you can follow me on twitter just click here!

so on to the products!

* An i love raspberry & blackberry shower smoothie
* An i love raspberry & blackberry body butter
* An yummy chocolate face mask
* a duo of bird ring's

(i took a photo of my ring's, i liked them so much i brought some for this giveaway- they look very much like my new look one i blogged about in december!)

giveaway closes on 14th August at 9pm GMT.
i will announce it on a blog post & email the winner, you'll have 48hours to respond, if not i will have to choose another winner.
"giveaway blogs" who enter will be disqualified.
chosen from random.org
uk only, sorry international readers!


8 July 2011

the x-factor auditions 2011.

The x-factor auditions have started! brand new judges included.

If you follow me on twitter you would have seen my excited tweet's, as I got an invite to go along and watch the audition process, when my friend's and i arrived we was on a wild goose chase finding out where to collect our ticket's, after a 4 hour wait... yep 4 hours we were finally allowed in to the arena (2hours later then it said on the schedule.)  Walking past all the 1000's of people who had waited in the rain for the four hour's we were ushered to the ground floor, right infront of the stage.
Why? because my brilliant friend had only got us priority ticket's! when we realised just how close we were to the judges we was so excited, along with the other people sitting around us. We couldn't believe just how clear and close we was to the auditionee's and the judges, it was amazing!

We wasn't allowed to take photo's during auditions because of filming but we could of the judges and stage. It was meant to finish at 7pm, yet we didn't get out until 9pm... a big percentage of people walked out which left the seat's looking very empty, they pulled the people who waited for hours into the seats to fill in the gaps for a grand total of.... the last act.
When i first heard of the judges line up i was a bit wary, i loved the last lot and didn't know if the new one's would work well together, Gary was quite quiet through the judging a bit, kelly was true kelly and worked well, tulisa was really good too and they all spoke sense, they were all quite funny which made it quite a fun night for us audience, i really enjoyed it, i did miss simon & cheryl though- it didn't feel like the normal xfactor without good old simon there!

Overall it was an amazing day, however x-factor definately need's a watch for time keeping- but at the end we didn't care we was so close to it all!
when the judges walked in i recorded video's instead of photos which is why they aren't here, i'll upload them to youtube and then on here soon.
i took a few photo's here;

sjmwell x


5 July 2011

diy: sweet jar

As a child, well young girl in Brownies i remember singing "who stole the cookie from the cookie jar..." game when we camped, something i always loved. Except for today we're changing cookies to sweet's!
It's my friend's birthday this week and instead of just buying a pack of haribo's etc i wanted to make a more personal way of giving sweet's (this is along with other presents by the way, im not just giving her a jar of sweet's!) so this is what i did;

step 1:
you can use any jar shape, size or colour you wish, i'm using a cleaned out jam jar.
I've taken off the label and the sticky glue residue.

step 2:
layer your chosen sweet's in the jar anyway you like, i've alternated mine with gummy, fizzy, chocolate, fizzy sweet's. However they will all fill into place!

step 3:
fabric, i popped in my local haberdashery and looked in the "scrap box" it's discarded fabric which is still in good condition it's just small pieces they can't put on the shelf.
i found this preety gingham style fabric straight away and thought it would go perfectly.
I also brought a metre of ribbon, all together it was 48p.
Sometimes they let you have it for pennies because it's just scrap though, i have a few time's!

step 4:
after measuring, i cut out an equal square shape but folder over the fabric to make it thicker.
cut any fraying sides so it's all neat.
stretch over the top of the jar (you may need someone to hold it tight) make sure it's near enough directly in the middle so it looks equal at all sides.
Tie a thin elastic band around it.
Then lastly tie round ribbon, i entwined mine round twice then finished by making a bow at the front.
for effect i then cut the end's neat and shorter on an edge to make it look prettier.

finished !
i was inspired by the way people use this way with actual jam lid's but wanted a twist on it, instead of jam... sweets!

have a lovely day bloggers,
sjmwell x

4 July 2011

a thrifty find #4

Last sunday i was awake before the sun come up to go to a bootsale with my mum, i haven't been to one since last summer so i was itching for a bargain.
When it claimed to be the biggest bootsale in the county i thought they were joking, i've only been to it once when i was 12 selling stuff, but oh no they wasn't.
it just so happened to be the day i went was the start of our "british heatwave" so i came home with very bad sunburn.
i found my very first bargain (and one which i had been on the search for a while now.) a duo of teacups with a preety granny esque pattern on, accompanied with saucer... of course!

The very first stall we walked over to i spotted these beauties- i picked them up and the lovely husband & wife couple amusingly tried to wrap them up without dropping them for me.

price- £1.50 (for the two)

After listening to a lady bartering with a very del boy like man for some canvas print's, laughing walking by i spotted these cute little mug's, i thought they would be perfect for hot chocolate (when i get my own house in say, hm 10 years?) 

p.s- i'm collecting thing's i like, wrapping them and putting them away for me to find and use when i have my own place, crazy as i seem i know!

price- £1 (for three)

The lady selling this tray actually had three, another coca cola one and another drink.
She explained they were real vintage coca cola one's, not re-makes which is sorta cool, i love this sort of thing!
she wanted £3 but put it down too £2.50 for one.
it's a shame it wasn't a little bit less, i would of loved the pair!

I originally saw this preety glass bottle and carried on walking but after a few aisles i decided to head back,  i was prepared to pay £1-1.50 but when the lovely guy said 50p i snapped it up, it'd be nice to store buttons, beads or coins in, in the future. The guy was actually so nice so we stayed to talk to him for a while!

I found the cute little pot pourri for £1.99, it's originally from past times which certain thing's in their shop can be pricey but i thought not only for pot pourri theres a few nice thing's i could store in here also!
(charity shop buy)
As soon as i saw this basket i picked it up veeeery quickly, i've been looking for a "thatch" basket for absolutely ages, i love them.
Farmer's market's, flowers, wool, craft the options are endless!
They're so cute, and after seeing Kirstie Allsopp's christmas homemade home full of wool i really wanted one, priced at only £1.99 of course i brought it. Another lovely lady was talking about how her cat used to sleep in her one on top of all her thing's. 
(charity shop buy)

After walking round the entire bootsale being barged by very weird women with suitcases we left for a morning milkshake to cool us down.
For some reason i feel like i haven't included everything!

My local charity shop's are hit and miss, sometimes i'll find loads and other's nothing, like many people however living in a small town with a few people doesn't help to find goodie's.
I usually branch out for my find's but still browse in them. Today I had a quick look and found nothing, only in the very last one i found two thing's.
This one is all in colour order which look's so preety! i found a very nice sheer pale blouse which is perfect for summer, it look's huge but i want it loose and etc :o)
As i was paying i saw some cath kidston hanger's right next to the till smiling at me (yes really!) looking practically brand new in packaging for £1.50, i picked them up but put them back down and left.
Only when i was walking to go home i changed my mind and speed walked back, i couldn't miss a bargain like that so picked them up, putting £1 in the donation box i finally went home.

These aren't thrifted but i wanted to include them, if you saw NOTW's advert they were giving away nail's inc varnish worth £22, you only need 3 "voucher's" and i already buy it for the fabulous mag so decided to collect them.
The orange remind's me of Barry M's coral shade from looking at the bottle but i haven't swatched either of them yet, i might try them this week and post a picture.

The garden has been full of wildlife lately where we've been putting seed's out, looking out the back door we saw this cheeky squirrel munching on a plum from our tree on the fence.
This little squirrel is quite funny as we often see him hanging from a tree branch eating the seed's from the bird seed feeder, 

hope you're all having a lovely day!
sjmwell x


1 July 2011

yum lush!

Hi blogger's, so the other day i popped in Lush for the first time in months to find my best friend a little something.
The lady in there was lovely, and recommended certain thing's- showing us how it works and what she like's. It's nice because i've never really been shown anything in Lush before, she showed us these bath thing's which i have now fallen in love with!
Like many other's i associate Lush with bath bombs and that was all i used to buy, i remember being given a regular size "sample" of the berry face mask when it was introuduced (which was absolutely amazing except i don't like the £5 price tag.) i love their bath bomb's and always used to buy the sames ones!

these are the ones i picked up;

the lady recommended these, they aren't bath bombs you can use them up to 4 times... which is great! she demonstrated using the blue skies and fluffy white cloud's, using the tiniest amount yet it foamed up and smelt so yummy!
i used my flower one tonight and as i held it in the water to ease it to dissolve it was so soft so imagine how soft my skin was, i used about 1/4. I think it's so good because with bath bombs after one indulgent bath it's gone but with this you get more uses for similar money!
Lush says: The Pop In the Bath Bubble Bar was originally inspired by Mary Poppins, who blew in on the East Wind to 17 Cherry Tree Lane to sort out a chaotic household. I'm sure we all have times when we could do with a Mary to land on the doorstep and sort out all our problems.
To me it smelt of the "real lush smell" i smell everytime you walk in the shop, it was lovely and i will definately be buying these again.

I also brought the creamy candy which has white chunks in which feel so moisturising, we tried it in the store and it was so so soft! unfortunately i won't be using this though, i brought it for my friend. Plus it contains almond oil, it smelt so nice in store i wanted to try it out :(

of course there were many other thing's i want to try, i also really want to check out some thing's you all recommended on my last lush post here, i have found my old love for Lush and now want to indulge in load's of there yummy thing's!

sjmwell x
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