27 July 2011

Rimmel London lasting finish trio blusher swatch/review

I recently picked this blusher up (well i say recently, it was a good month ago!) and i've been wearing it daily if i choose to wear blush, it's quite versatile for many skin tone's, i am extrememly pale and only use the first colour, the second would look quite "dirty" looking because of how pale i am if i chose to wear it, however i think it would look lovely on a darker skin tone, it's quite a brown/berry/pink.
The last shade is a darker rosy pink which would look nice if brushed very lightly on pale skin and would suit preety much anyone.
When i picked this up i didn't read the back or swatch it so i brought it on a whim but i'm glad i did, when i brought it home I swatched it and realised the first colour would be a perfect highlight, it's not like usual highlights which is usually gold fleck's but this look's like the highlight is a pale pinky/silver which i have been looking for, for absolutely ages because gold really does show up on my cheeks looking fake and quite "over made up" only now have i realised on the back it states "highlighting" (oops!)

If you are quite fair toned and are looking for a blush/highlight this first shade in the trio is perfect, i have already emailed Rimmel asking if they do this one shade in a single blush but the guy wasn't sure as it is done through a different pr company.

As i have already said my skin is very pale i am lighter the mac's nc15, i did try to swatch the blush quite heavily but they are sheer (which is another plus to the blusher) they are in order of bottom to top (left to right in the compact)
it is 021: summer fever.

i brought mine for only £1.99 but you can pick this little beauty up in boot's or superdrug for £5.19

If you haven't gathered already i am in love with the first shade, Rimmel... please bring this out in a singular! 
sjmwell x


  1. I have this product and I love it!! I love the darkest shade best! xx

  2. Such pretty colours :)

    I've just stumbled upon your blog, I'm following now xD

    Check out mine? xx

  3. beautiful color!



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