4 July 2011

a thrifty find #4

Last sunday i was awake before the sun come up to go to a bootsale with my mum, i haven't been to one since last summer so i was itching for a bargain.
When it claimed to be the biggest bootsale in the county i thought they were joking, i've only been to it once when i was 12 selling stuff, but oh no they wasn't.
it just so happened to be the day i went was the start of our "british heatwave" so i came home with very bad sunburn.
i found my very first bargain (and one which i had been on the search for a while now.) a duo of teacups with a preety granny esque pattern on, accompanied with saucer... of course!

The very first stall we walked over to i spotted these beauties- i picked them up and the lovely husband & wife couple amusingly tried to wrap them up without dropping them for me.

price- £1.50 (for the two)

After listening to a lady bartering with a very del boy like man for some canvas print's, laughing walking by i spotted these cute little mug's, i thought they would be perfect for hot chocolate (when i get my own house in say, hm 10 years?) 

p.s- i'm collecting thing's i like, wrapping them and putting them away for me to find and use when i have my own place, crazy as i seem i know!

price- £1 (for three)

The lady selling this tray actually had three, another coca cola one and another drink.
She explained they were real vintage coca cola one's, not re-makes which is sorta cool, i love this sort of thing!
she wanted £3 but put it down too £2.50 for one.
it's a shame it wasn't a little bit less, i would of loved the pair!

I originally saw this preety glass bottle and carried on walking but after a few aisles i decided to head back,  i was prepared to pay £1-1.50 but when the lovely guy said 50p i snapped it up, it'd be nice to store buttons, beads or coins in, in the future. The guy was actually so nice so we stayed to talk to him for a while!

I found the cute little pot pourri for £1.99, it's originally from past times which certain thing's in their shop can be pricey but i thought not only for pot pourri theres a few nice thing's i could store in here also!
(charity shop buy)
As soon as i saw this basket i picked it up veeeery quickly, i've been looking for a "thatch" basket for absolutely ages, i love them.
Farmer's market's, flowers, wool, craft the options are endless!
They're so cute, and after seeing Kirstie Allsopp's christmas homemade home full of wool i really wanted one, priced at only £1.99 of course i brought it. Another lovely lady was talking about how her cat used to sleep in her one on top of all her thing's. 
(charity shop buy)

After walking round the entire bootsale being barged by very weird women with suitcases we left for a morning milkshake to cool us down.
For some reason i feel like i haven't included everything!

My local charity shop's are hit and miss, sometimes i'll find loads and other's nothing, like many people however living in a small town with a few people doesn't help to find goodie's.
I usually branch out for my find's but still browse in them. Today I had a quick look and found nothing, only in the very last one i found two thing's.
This one is all in colour order which look's so preety! i found a very nice sheer pale blouse which is perfect for summer, it look's huge but i want it loose and etc :o)
As i was paying i saw some cath kidston hanger's right next to the till smiling at me (yes really!) looking practically brand new in packaging for £1.50, i picked them up but put them back down and left.
Only when i was walking to go home i changed my mind and speed walked back, i couldn't miss a bargain like that so picked them up, putting £1 in the donation box i finally went home.

These aren't thrifted but i wanted to include them, if you saw NOTW's advert they were giving away nail's inc varnish worth £22, you only need 3 "voucher's" and i already buy it for the fabulous mag so decided to collect them.
The orange remind's me of Barry M's coral shade from looking at the bottle but i haven't swatched either of them yet, i might try them this week and post a picture.

The garden has been full of wildlife lately where we've been putting seed's out, looking out the back door we saw this cheeky squirrel munching on a plum from our tree on the fence.
This little squirrel is quite funny as we often see him hanging from a tree branch eating the seed's from the bird seed feeder, 

hope you're all having a lovely day!
sjmwell x



  1. Can't believe those Cath Kidston hangers were only £1.50?! Quite a bargain! I love the tea cups you bought too xx


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