8 July 2011

the x-factor auditions 2011.

The x-factor auditions have started! brand new judges included.

If you follow me on twitter you would have seen my excited tweet's, as I got an invite to go along and watch the audition process, when my friend's and i arrived we was on a wild goose chase finding out where to collect our ticket's, after a 4 hour wait... yep 4 hours we were finally allowed in to the arena (2hours later then it said on the schedule.)  Walking past all the 1000's of people who had waited in the rain for the four hour's we were ushered to the ground floor, right infront of the stage.
Why? because my brilliant friend had only got us priority ticket's! when we realised just how close we were to the judges we was so excited, along with the other people sitting around us. We couldn't believe just how clear and close we was to the auditionee's and the judges, it was amazing!

We wasn't allowed to take photo's during auditions because of filming but we could of the judges and stage. It was meant to finish at 7pm, yet we didn't get out until 9pm... a big percentage of people walked out which left the seat's looking very empty, they pulled the people who waited for hours into the seats to fill in the gaps for a grand total of.... the last act.
When i first heard of the judges line up i was a bit wary, i loved the last lot and didn't know if the new one's would work well together, Gary was quite quiet through the judging a bit, kelly was true kelly and worked well, tulisa was really good too and they all spoke sense, they were all quite funny which made it quite a fun night for us audience, i really enjoyed it, i did miss simon & cheryl though- it didn't feel like the normal xfactor without good old simon there!

Overall it was an amazing day, however x-factor definately need's a watch for time keeping- but at the end we didn't care we was so close to it all!
when the judges walked in i recorded video's instead of photos which is why they aren't here, i'll upload them to youtube and then on here soon.
i took a few photo's here;

sjmwell x


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