26 August 2011

cath kidston d.i.y

I'm officially a college student, I enrolled yesterday and it was so well organised we was out in an hour, totally forgot they would need my photo taken for my i.d card- and of course i wasn't feeling or looking too healthy yesterday just my luck, all i did was pull my hair back- but on my photo it look's like i'm bald and i wasn't even smiling, i have it for 2 year's & i look absolutely awful.
On a happier note though i have two induction day's soon which i'm nervous for, on the 2nd day we all go bowling to "get to know eachother" i did laugh but hey, okay!

I really do ramble, on to the diy!

A few week's ago i got some sample's of cath kidston fabric's, so of course I had to make something cute from them, even though I think they would look lovely just in photo frame's on the wall as well.
But instead I made a couple of coaster's and a few new book mark's because I'm constantly losing mine.
Just cut down to size and laminate, i also added wool on one book mark just to give it another exta little cute touch!
of course when i light the candle I'll take it away because fire health & safety etc, but when it's not light i think it look's sweet.
I'll be making a lot more with them including customizing jeans and what not!

i Need to go and rescue my dinner & apple crumble from burning...
Have a lovely day everyone!


23 August 2011

Missha perfect cover b.b cream review

This is the second post in my b.b cream series, if you haven't seen the first one "what is b.b cream" just click here.
I struggle to find the perfect shade of foundation, powder and tinted moisturiser's on the high street and even at the high end named counter's, and none of them could match me.
So I started researching into Japanese product's, I had thought about b.b cream's before because people have said how good they are for us pale ladies but never tried one. Garnier has recently brought one out which i blogged about here. But in no means is the lightest shade light enough for me, so I finally invested in one from Korea and I'm so glad i did! It even arrived in 8 days, which is amazing.

After googling swatches to try and see what would most probably match me I came to the conclusion that the lightest #13 (milky beige) would match me best, don't quote me but I'm sure they recently added it as their lightest shade (i think.)
what are the other shades?

#13 Milky Beige 
#21 Light Beige
#23 Natural Beige 
#27 Honey Beige 
#31 Golden Beige 

The texture is quite thick then what I'm used to, B.B cream's are usually thin and quite runny. When i first applied it i expected it to be thin so i was surprised, it isn't sheer like tinted moisturisers tend to be but is still quite sheer-medium coverage, but isn't as high coverage as a foundation.
I haven't worn foundation in quite a while but for day's when i wanted coverage this was great, some people have said it's quite hard to blend because of it's thick coverage but i didn't have a problem with it.
I use the tiniest amount, pouring a smaller then a pea size amount on my finger then dotting it where i need it, then blending it out evenly. Even though b.b cream's are "moisturising" i would still recommend moisturising before applying it, especially if you have dry skin and it will also make the b.b cream go on easier and better, some may find it better to apply a primer not only for better application but to pro long the wear of the cream, I find it last's quite a while on me but other's have said it only last's 5-6 hour's, it will change by whether you have oily skin, whether you primed etc.

Even though the texture is quite on the thick side it doesn't feel it on the skin, i can't really tell i have it on after it's dry, it fill's in pores and cover's lightly yet most flaw's.
I don't have acne myself but when i was googling alot of girl's said it helped cover acne, scarring and helped with redness.

For anyone here in England thinking about getting this I thought I'd swatch them along side one's you may recognise, healthy mix & double wear are far to dark for me and they are the lightest shade's you can get.
If you match healthy mix perfectly then i would suggest going for missha perfect cover in #21 because it is a little darker then the 13 which suit's me nearly perfectly but the #51 healthy mix like i said is too dark.

for reference i'm a little lighter then NC15 mac.

You can buy this from Missha's website, or ebay & amazon.
they generally cost around $22  which is approx £12 depending where you purchase it, the average cost of tinted moisturisers and drug store foundation's.

I really like this and I'm so glad it's my shade as well, i was hoping it would be otherwise theres nothing to suit my pale skin as of yet.
I brought the smaller version, i think it was 20ml or 30ml. But you can buy a larger one which come's with a pump, mine just has a nozzle tip but is perfect to get the right amount out I need.

▲ I hope this helped anyone who was thinking about getting this b.b cream or maybe just looking in to what one to get, next & the last post on the b.b cream series will be "how to find the perfect b.b cream" including, your shade, skin type then matching it up.

 Recently i'm using my brushes to apply make-up more, i never used to use them, just blending using my hand's, i already want to try the sigma F80 but after looking at Sigma's other brushes here i'm not sure what other's, any recommendation's?

 Also i'll have another blogger interview up tomorrow as it's wednesday!

sjmwell x

19 August 2011

What I wore #004

top: primark mens
shorts: primark
hat: h&m

Say hello to the hat i've been searching for, for months yay.
These short's are great for summer without tight's and in winter with a super chunky cardigan which is why i love them so much. The dr.dre tee is quite ironic for me to wear... the albums called 'The chronic' and someone with cfs is wearing it but y'know! I picked up this shirt ages ago in the men's department, they have some great t-shirts, sometimes the men's bit is the best- yes topman jewellery i'm talking about you! ;)
Where i've lost weight the shorts are too big for me so i gave in and wore my new belt, even though i felt extremely squeezed in all day it kept them up thankfully.

 i've been clearing out my nan&grandads so they can go to a bootsale but being busy is catching up on me and i'm now exhausted, its great because they have thing's from my great-grandparent's and i felt really emotional looking and finding their thing's. I'm actually helping to sell at the bootsale (thats if i can stay awake long enough!) but i must admit i prefer bargain hunting myself so i'm going to have a cheeky search!
p.s- remember in July i was invited to xfactor audtion's for my friend's birthday? well X-factor start's tomorrow, let's hope you don't see me because we was on the "floor seating" haha!

have a lovely weekend everyone!

sjmwell x


18 August 2011

a guide to b.b cream, what is this stuff?

What is b.b cream? yes usually something always asked,  when i wrote a post on Garnier's new B.B cream a few people asked me what b.b cream's are, i was also asked quite a few times on twitter so hey here is a whole blog post on it, because i wanted to explain it fully.

I'll be doing a 3 post series, this one explaining what it is, second will be a review on a b.b cream then thirdly and lastly will be a guide to b.b creams so after you've read all my handy little info post's you can decide if you wanted to invest in one what one would be best for you so I hope you'll find it handy!

what does B.B cream mean?"B.B"  is actually an abbreviation of blemish balm, beblesh balm & blemish base.

where does it come from?Believe it or not it was used for laser patient's who needed to protect & soothe their super sensitive skin while also providing a bit of coverage for the scarring and blemishes.
It originated in the 50's in Germany by dermatologist Dr Christine Schrammek for her face peel patients, then slowly Asia, Korea and Japan discovered this great concept and it's now slowly coming here to the u.k, so many brand's have made b.b cream in Korea which is why people think it comes from there.
Korean celebrities also swear by the cream, and they always look so flawless which has influenced more people in to trying it.

how do i know what b.b cream to go for?There isn't a standard b.b cream, like foundation's there is different formulations etc to suit different skin types, tones and so on. I'll be posting about how to find your "perfect" b.b cream on the third post so stay tuned!

Why is b.b cream any different to say... a tinted moisturiser?
B.b cream preety much does everything except put it on your face for you, it even's out your skin tone (by the way when it say's whitening it doesn't exactly mean lightening/bleaching your skin it just means evening it out but some do lighten the skin, asian girls tend to love pale skin, me too!) It's also very mosturising but don't worry there are some for oily skin once again i'll include it all in my other post, some also contain anti aging, wrinkle properties, They have higher SPF then standard spf 15 in tinted moisturisers or foundation's, mine contains spf 42, some even have 50!  It's good for us pale girl's but for one's who have a darker skin tone, the SPF may make you look a bit ashy/ghostly because it's lighter. You all know how much i support high spf, sun is extremely damaging even in sometimes rainy england summer's, maybe because i'm super pale and just really don't want bad wrinkly skin when i'm older...
B.B creams are also a concealer & foundation in one to cover dark circles and blemishes, also it can be used as a primer, b.b creams are low- medium coverage but perfect for me- i don't wear foundation anymore but if i need a bit of coverage this is perfect for me, but for girl's who like the high coverage such as double wear, studio fix etc then it may not be for you if you want to wear it alone but under your foundation it would, making a great base and your skin soft and primed with even extra coverage.

It isn't just a tinted moisturiser or foundation, it's skin healing and make's your skin even better- foundation doesn't do that, to make your skin better while great coverage which is great!

B.B cream look's great and natural which some foundation's don't give, and why people like it so much. 

Did you know not all the brand's are korean though? a few well known brand's have also brought out their own, but cost a bit more then other's- of course they've seen how popular it is and have hopped on the bandwagon.
Harrod's sells Dior snow white reveal u.v protection b.b cream (what a mouthful?!) priced at £36.50
Mac's prep & prime b.b cream £22.10
Clinique's age defence b.b cream £19
Estee lauder cyber white brilliant cells extra intensive b.b £26

If you have any other question's just ask below!
stay tuned for the next b.b cream post... a review of my new b.b cream, to know when i've posted you can follow me on twitter; i always tweet when i've blogged, or you can follow me on good old gfc on the right hand side.

lots'a love,
sjmwell x

15 August 2011

what II wore #003

dress- h&m
messy hair- priceless

After spending 45minutes trying to get my slr to work i gave up and used my trusty other camera, i did actually post about this dress ages ago, and you can see it on my photo to the right but you couldn't see the dress properly, oh and i really was in the mood to finally do an ootd today!
of course I'm going to try & keep up and take photos of my outfit's, i just totally forget and when i do remember it's late at night.
I went to hobbycraft today on the intention to buy load's of new diy stuff, but un-fortunately i couldn't find any of what i wanted so instead i picked up another ball of wool for my scarf i'm knitting & a few sales items etc.
I then found the bowler hat in H&M finally, I've been trying to get for month's now, yay!

 I've got a few really simple diy's I'll be posting in the next few days and Wednesday's blogger interview, if any other blogger's wanted to be involved then just email me sjmwell@live.co.uk
aaaaand i reached 200 follower's last night which is so exciting, thank you everyone!

lot'sa love,

sjmwell x

14 August 2011

wish list, jeffrey campbell...lookalikes.

Of course for a while now i've been lusting over the beautiful Jeffrey Campbell shoes, not only the classic well known lita's but every shoe he make's, they're all so lovely. I haven't got the money to spend on heel's i wouldn't wear very often, i'm not a "heel" girl but on special occasions of course i'd wear them.
So on the hunt like a bargain hunter i am, i browsed ebay to find a few seller's selling faux one's, so out of interest and so you guy's can compare, i put them side by side so you can easily pick out differences.

These are from the ebay seller here.
Priced at £15.35 w/o postage.
The top grey suede look preety much the same, but they may have just used the same photo from Jeffrey Campbell, who knows? But if they aren't then i think it's a preety good match!
Second are the black lace, you can seel the different shade's of the heel & platform, if you wasn't "in the know" i don't think people would notice, the lace also isn't as dark and deep as the real thing.

This second lot are from a diffrent seller on ebay here
The black one's are preety much again identical, but i don't know if they would use the real photo but the faux leather you can definately see the difference, i love the first suede black one's though and would preety much go with everything
price: £20.99

sjmwell x

5 August 2011

O.P.I 'Let me entertain you' notd

I am in love with OPI varnishes, it's very rare for me to find one i don't like- yesterday i went to get my nails painted and after having a little hunt with the girl's there, we all decided this was the most loveliest pink, it's glittery and absolutely lovely, after swatching this and a few other's i chose this one.
There was one like this but had a coral/yellow holagraphic effect which changed in the light.

It reminded me of the silver glitter paint they brought out in their new designer collection, it was quite hard to get the glitter to shine while taking the photo in the sunlight!

While i was at the salon the girl doing my nail's had such a beautiful purple on i asked if she had that, she said it was permanent, so all of us in there got on to the discussion of it-  Shellac nails! A lady next to me had it on her toe's and was still shiny, perfect and like she'd just had it done, she'd had it on for an amazing 8 weeks! they recommend it last's 3 weeks.
It dries in minute's which is also very handy because i hate ruining my nail's after painting.
Even though i am extremely against sun bed's, im sure many reader's know how spf and sunshine crazy i am, well in order for it to dry and set properly Shellac use the same type of bulbs they use in sunbed's, however it won't be as damaging if you aren't having it done so regularly.
opi nail varnish- let me entertain you.

i booked in to get my hand's done and im very excited, i love doing my own nails and nail art it's usually something i do on a sunday evening but with college starting i won't have time so this will be handy, and i love shiny looking nail's.
I'll be keeping you updated to see how long it lasts and how it look's, i'm not actually having "shellac" done but it's the same concept.


1 August 2011

a thrifty find #5

I recently went on a mini thrifting spree and had such a good day and found some little treasure's, I've also found my new favourite charity shop so I'll be catching the train there often!
I went a few week's ago and totally forgot to blog or photograph them so I've left out a few bits because i can't find them {oops!}
charity shop: 25p each.
I love old sewing patterns, even for display i just think they're so pretty!

charity shop: 50p
i love this, i'll be using it for change or earring's.

antique shop. £2
I didn't intend to go in this shop but as walking past my mum and I spotted beautiful antiques in the window so we decided to wander in, of course it was priced highly e.g decanta's for £10 when i see them in charity shops daily for £2-5 however we ventured to the back where they had beautiful 80's suit's and clothe's, below they had boxes full of treasures however the quite annoyed woman came and lifted the box saying it hadn't been put out yet, if only the couple hadn't followed us and made it apparent  so we both browsed and found this, the writing on it means "stength" it reminded me of thing's I had seen in the V&A.

It was really dark in the shop so we couldn't really look at thing's thoroughly, as you can see it is quite damaged even after polishing up, it's not silver just silver plated... all the same it's a preety ornament in the right place.

i discovered this in my new favourite charity shop, we got speaking to the lady about it and how she used to have one herself.
When they said they wanted £1 for the whole thing we picked it up, when we got home my mum went through it and we was only missing two card's which we can easily find, the lid is damaged also but we will be replacing it with a quick switch from my nans old one!

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