26 August 2011

cath kidston d.i.y

I'm officially a college student, I enrolled yesterday and it was so well organised we was out in an hour, totally forgot they would need my photo taken for my i.d card- and of course i wasn't feeling or looking too healthy yesterday just my luck, all i did was pull my hair back- but on my photo it look's like i'm bald and i wasn't even smiling, i have it for 2 year's & i look absolutely awful.
On a happier note though i have two induction day's soon which i'm nervous for, on the 2nd day we all go bowling to "get to know eachother" i did laugh but hey, okay!

I really do ramble, on to the diy!

A few week's ago i got some sample's of cath kidston fabric's, so of course I had to make something cute from them, even though I think they would look lovely just in photo frame's on the wall as well.
But instead I made a couple of coaster's and a few new book mark's because I'm constantly losing mine.
Just cut down to size and laminate, i also added wool on one book mark just to give it another exta little cute touch!
of course when i light the candle I'll take it away because fire health & safety etc, but when it's not light i think it look's sweet.
I'll be making a lot more with them including customizing jeans and what not!

i Need to go and rescue my dinner & apple crumble from burning...
Have a lovely day everyone!



  1. sounds like my college photo. I was distracted by my friend and was in the middle of talking when the photographer took the pic, so i have my mouth open! Cringe. I think its a rule. you have to look cringey on those photos! xxx

  2. Aw, cute! I love Cath Kidston stuff, my mum has a CK called Sew (I think) and there's a tonne of DIYs in there :)

  3. Wow you're so creative :)


  4. Lovely prints!! Well done for getting into college

  5. These are fab ideas, will have to try them out! Hope you enjoy college :) x

    half the world away.

  6. Oh I absolutely love Cath Kidston prints!
    Your blog is just so adorable btw, I love your scabble heading. Hope you have fun at your induction days!

  7. So cute! Good luck with the 'getting to know each other' day, next thing you know you'll be doing trust excercises! x hivenn

  8. Cath Kidson's stuff is all adorable, & so is your blog. :-) x


  9. I love cath kidston's fabric patterns, I love reading the magazine too! x

  10. i love your blog, this post is great. i am now following, i hope you can follow back.


  11. Chances are here in Belgium you get to choose your id pic! :D Anyhow, glad to hear you "survived" your first day at college ;)
    Also, I really like what you did to those fabrics! Especially the coasters, they're so cute :D


  12. Oo, I just love Cath Kidston!
    I hate it when you look dreadful for photos, as they seem to last for such a long time and you're reminded everytime you look at them of how dreadful they are!

  13. Congratulations for sorting colledge out :) I'm so happy for you :) I actually just enrolled myself for night-colledge as I'm older than colledge age + working too but I'm soo excited ha-ha can't wait to stock up on pretty folders etc :)

    Love what you've made here sooo creative and gorgeous :)



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