18 August 2011

a guide to b.b cream, what is this stuff?

What is b.b cream? yes usually something always asked,  when i wrote a post on Garnier's new B.B cream a few people asked me what b.b cream's are, i was also asked quite a few times on twitter so hey here is a whole blog post on it, because i wanted to explain it fully.

I'll be doing a 3 post series, this one explaining what it is, second will be a review on a b.b cream then thirdly and lastly will be a guide to b.b creams so after you've read all my handy little info post's you can decide if you wanted to invest in one what one would be best for you so I hope you'll find it handy!

what does B.B cream mean?"B.B"  is actually an abbreviation of blemish balm, beblesh balm & blemish base.

where does it come from?Believe it or not it was used for laser patient's who needed to protect & soothe their super sensitive skin while also providing a bit of coverage for the scarring and blemishes.
It originated in the 50's in Germany by dermatologist Dr Christine Schrammek for her face peel patients, then slowly Asia, Korea and Japan discovered this great concept and it's now slowly coming here to the u.k, so many brand's have made b.b cream in Korea which is why people think it comes from there.
Korean celebrities also swear by the cream, and they always look so flawless which has influenced more people in to trying it.

how do i know what b.b cream to go for?There isn't a standard b.b cream, like foundation's there is different formulations etc to suit different skin types, tones and so on. I'll be posting about how to find your "perfect" b.b cream on the third post so stay tuned!

Why is b.b cream any different to say... a tinted moisturiser?
B.b cream preety much does everything except put it on your face for you, it even's out your skin tone (by the way when it say's whitening it doesn't exactly mean lightening/bleaching your skin it just means evening it out but some do lighten the skin, asian girls tend to love pale skin, me too!) It's also very mosturising but don't worry there are some for oily skin once again i'll include it all in my other post, some also contain anti aging, wrinkle properties, They have higher SPF then standard spf 15 in tinted moisturisers or foundation's, mine contains spf 42, some even have 50!  It's good for us pale girl's but for one's who have a darker skin tone, the SPF may make you look a bit ashy/ghostly because it's lighter. You all know how much i support high spf, sun is extremely damaging even in sometimes rainy england summer's, maybe because i'm super pale and just really don't want bad wrinkly skin when i'm older...
B.B creams are also a concealer & foundation in one to cover dark circles and blemishes, also it can be used as a primer, b.b creams are low- medium coverage but perfect for me- i don't wear foundation anymore but if i need a bit of coverage this is perfect for me, but for girl's who like the high coverage such as double wear, studio fix etc then it may not be for you if you want to wear it alone but under your foundation it would, making a great base and your skin soft and primed with even extra coverage.

It isn't just a tinted moisturiser or foundation, it's skin healing and make's your skin even better- foundation doesn't do that, to make your skin better while great coverage which is great!

B.B cream look's great and natural which some foundation's don't give, and why people like it so much. 

Did you know not all the brand's are korean though? a few well known brand's have also brought out their own, but cost a bit more then other's- of course they've seen how popular it is and have hopped on the bandwagon.
Harrod's sells Dior snow white reveal u.v protection b.b cream (what a mouthful?!) priced at £36.50
Mac's prep & prime b.b cream £22.10
Clinique's age defence b.b cream £19
Estee lauder cyber white brilliant cells extra intensive b.b £26

If you have any other question's just ask below!
stay tuned for the next b.b cream post... a review of my new b.b cream, to know when i've posted you can follow me on twitter; i always tweet when i've blogged, or you can follow me on good old gfc on the right hand side.

lots'a love,
sjmwell x

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