23 August 2011

Missha perfect cover b.b cream review

This is the second post in my b.b cream series, if you haven't seen the first one "what is b.b cream" just click here.
I struggle to find the perfect shade of foundation, powder and tinted moisturiser's on the high street and even at the high end named counter's, and none of them could match me.
So I started researching into Japanese product's, I had thought about b.b cream's before because people have said how good they are for us pale ladies but never tried one. Garnier has recently brought one out which i blogged about here. But in no means is the lightest shade light enough for me, so I finally invested in one from Korea and I'm so glad i did! It even arrived in 8 days, which is amazing.

After googling swatches to try and see what would most probably match me I came to the conclusion that the lightest #13 (milky beige) would match me best, don't quote me but I'm sure they recently added it as their lightest shade (i think.)
what are the other shades?

#13 Milky Beige 
#21 Light Beige
#23 Natural Beige 
#27 Honey Beige 
#31 Golden Beige 

The texture is quite thick then what I'm used to, B.B cream's are usually thin and quite runny. When i first applied it i expected it to be thin so i was surprised, it isn't sheer like tinted moisturisers tend to be but is still quite sheer-medium coverage, but isn't as high coverage as a foundation.
I haven't worn foundation in quite a while but for day's when i wanted coverage this was great, some people have said it's quite hard to blend because of it's thick coverage but i didn't have a problem with it.
I use the tiniest amount, pouring a smaller then a pea size amount on my finger then dotting it where i need it, then blending it out evenly. Even though b.b cream's are "moisturising" i would still recommend moisturising before applying it, especially if you have dry skin and it will also make the b.b cream go on easier and better, some may find it better to apply a primer not only for better application but to pro long the wear of the cream, I find it last's quite a while on me but other's have said it only last's 5-6 hour's, it will change by whether you have oily skin, whether you primed etc.

Even though the texture is quite on the thick side it doesn't feel it on the skin, i can't really tell i have it on after it's dry, it fill's in pores and cover's lightly yet most flaw's.
I don't have acne myself but when i was googling alot of girl's said it helped cover acne, scarring and helped with redness.

For anyone here in England thinking about getting this I thought I'd swatch them along side one's you may recognise, healthy mix & double wear are far to dark for me and they are the lightest shade's you can get.
If you match healthy mix perfectly then i would suggest going for missha perfect cover in #21 because it is a little darker then the 13 which suit's me nearly perfectly but the #51 healthy mix like i said is too dark.

for reference i'm a little lighter then NC15 mac.

You can buy this from Missha's website, or ebay & amazon.
they generally cost around $22  which is approx £12 depending where you purchase it, the average cost of tinted moisturisers and drug store foundation's.

I really like this and I'm so glad it's my shade as well, i was hoping it would be otherwise theres nothing to suit my pale skin as of yet.
I brought the smaller version, i think it was 20ml or 30ml. But you can buy a larger one which come's with a pump, mine just has a nozzle tip but is perfect to get the right amount out I need.

▲ I hope this helped anyone who was thinking about getting this b.b cream or maybe just looking in to what one to get, next & the last post on the b.b cream series will be "how to find the perfect b.b cream" including, your shade, skin type then matching it up.

 Recently i'm using my brushes to apply make-up more, i never used to use them, just blending using my hand's, i already want to try the sigma F80 but after looking at Sigma's other brushes here i'm not sure what other's, any recommendation's?

 Also i'll have another blogger interview up tomorrow as it's wednesday!

sjmwell x


  1. I also have Missha Perfect Cover in No. 23. It's definitely my favorite face product during Fall, winter and Spring. Blending is no problem for me except for my T zone...but that's no big deal! :D Glad it worked for you too.

  2. If you haven't already try out the Skin79 hot pink one, it's my favourite! I've never been able to get a foundation to match either finding BB creams has been a life saver! x

  3. Thank you for these swatches and the review!!! The Bourjois foundation is dark for me too.. Now I think I'm gonna get this BB. Thank you again! x


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