1 August 2011

a thrifty find #5

I recently went on a mini thrifting spree and had such a good day and found some little treasure's, I've also found my new favourite charity shop so I'll be catching the train there often!
I went a few week's ago and totally forgot to blog or photograph them so I've left out a few bits because i can't find them {oops!}
charity shop: 25p each.
I love old sewing patterns, even for display i just think they're so pretty!

charity shop: 50p
i love this, i'll be using it for change or earring's.

antique shop. £2
I didn't intend to go in this shop but as walking past my mum and I spotted beautiful antiques in the window so we decided to wander in, of course it was priced highly e.g decanta's for £10 when i see them in charity shops daily for £2-5 however we ventured to the back where they had beautiful 80's suit's and clothe's, below they had boxes full of treasures however the quite annoyed woman came and lifted the box saying it hadn't been put out yet, if only the couple hadn't followed us and made it apparent  so we both browsed and found this, the writing on it means "stength" it reminded me of thing's I had seen in the V&A.

It was really dark in the shop so we couldn't really look at thing's thoroughly, as you can see it is quite damaged even after polishing up, it's not silver just silver plated... all the same it's a preety ornament in the right place.

i discovered this in my new favourite charity shop, we got speaking to the lady about it and how she used to have one herself.
When they said they wanted £1 for the whole thing we picked it up, when we got home my mum went through it and we was only missing two card's which we can easily find, the lid is damaged also but we will be replacing it with a quick switch from my nans old one!



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