19 August 2011

What I wore #004

top: primark mens
shorts: primark
hat: h&m

Say hello to the hat i've been searching for, for months yay.
These short's are great for summer without tight's and in winter with a super chunky cardigan which is why i love them so much. The dr.dre tee is quite ironic for me to wear... the albums called 'The chronic' and someone with cfs is wearing it but y'know! I picked up this shirt ages ago in the men's department, they have some great t-shirts, sometimes the men's bit is the best- yes topman jewellery i'm talking about you! ;)
Where i've lost weight the shorts are too big for me so i gave in and wore my new belt, even though i felt extremely squeezed in all day it kept them up thankfully.

 i've been clearing out my nan&grandads so they can go to a bootsale but being busy is catching up on me and i'm now exhausted, its great because they have thing's from my great-grandparent's and i felt really emotional looking and finding their thing's. I'm actually helping to sell at the bootsale (thats if i can stay awake long enough!) but i must admit i prefer bargain hunting myself so i'm going to have a cheeky search!
p.s- remember in July i was invited to xfactor audtion's for my friend's birthday? well X-factor start's tomorrow, let's hope you don't see me because we was on the "floor seating" haha!

have a lovely weekend everyone!

sjmwell x



  1. love the outfit - completely agree about men's sections. there are always such cool tees and stuff, plus it's cheaper! Bex x


  2. Aww that's so cute! Love your black skirt :)


  3. you're really pretty! awesome tee and short combo, and I love looking through my grandparent's things, espec photos! x

    ramz and the flock

  4. must visit the mens section in primark! x

  5. I'm loving your hat, it's so cute :) Really nice outfit.

  6. the hat IS cute, i have it too! loving ur cute blog! and new follower :D i like the previous post on ur interview i found it very true! xx

    do come by & follow back if u like : http://moncheri-lily.blogspot.com

    followed u on twitter as well @ohliya

  7. that hat is brilliant and really suits you. Love the whole outfit, I'm always buying tees from Primark mens, they just have much better ones than ladies I find!

    Know what you mean about car booting, I'm doing a sale with my sister this weekend but would much rather be having a browse around! Good luck with it :) x


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