15 August 2011

what II wore #003

dress- h&m
messy hair- priceless

After spending 45minutes trying to get my slr to work i gave up and used my trusty other camera, i did actually post about this dress ages ago, and you can see it on my photo to the right but you couldn't see the dress properly, oh and i really was in the mood to finally do an ootd today!
of course I'm going to try & keep up and take photos of my outfit's, i just totally forget and when i do remember it's late at night.
I went to hobbycraft today on the intention to buy load's of new diy stuff, but un-fortunately i couldn't find any of what i wanted so instead i picked up another ball of wool for my scarf i'm knitting & a few sales items etc.
I then found the bowler hat in H&M finally, I've been trying to get for month's now, yay!

 I've got a few really simple diy's I'll be posting in the next few days and Wednesday's blogger interview, if any other blogger's wanted to be involved then just email me sjmwell@live.co.uk
aaaaand i reached 200 follower's last night which is so exciting, thank you everyone!

lot'sa love,

sjmwell x

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  1. That's such a pretty dress! I can't wait to see your tutorials and interview! Keep up the fab blog, girly! xxx


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