14 August 2011

wish list, jeffrey campbell...lookalikes.

Of course for a while now i've been lusting over the beautiful Jeffrey Campbell shoes, not only the classic well known lita's but every shoe he make's, they're all so lovely. I haven't got the money to spend on heel's i wouldn't wear very often, i'm not a "heel" girl but on special occasions of course i'd wear them.
So on the hunt like a bargain hunter i am, i browsed ebay to find a few seller's selling faux one's, so out of interest and so you guy's can compare, i put them side by side so you can easily pick out differences.

These are from the ebay seller here.
Priced at £15.35 w/o postage.
The top grey suede look preety much the same, but they may have just used the same photo from Jeffrey Campbell, who knows? But if they aren't then i think it's a preety good match!
Second are the black lace, you can seel the different shade's of the heel & platform, if you wasn't "in the know" i don't think people would notice, the lace also isn't as dark and deep as the real thing.

This second lot are from a diffrent seller on ebay here
The black one's are preety much again identical, but i don't know if they would use the real photo but the faux leather you can definately see the difference, i love the first suede black one's though and would preety much go with everything
price: £20.99

sjmwell x


  1. wow!! those are some really good fakes, thanks for finding these. Might treat myself to another of shoes!! It would be rude not to, right? xxx

  2. hello
    thanks for following my blog!
    what great look-a-likes!


  3. There really good fakes. the first two are practically the same!


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