25 September 2011

a party in the U.S.A!

I feel like I haven't posted in week's i've missed blogging, this is a post i wrote a few week's ago but never finished properly- so I'm finally posting it.

I'm sure many of you have seen Topshop's amazing usa flag short's and jean's but they can be quite pricey!
so once again I'm back with another d.i.y and adapted it to what I like.
Instead of the entire front of the jeans covered I covered the back pocket's, I'm sure i saw it somewhere once either that or I dreamt about it ;)

I first saw usa flag short's on Lillie's blog here and remembered I wanted to do some usa jeans a while back so i finally did!

I cut a generous square from the fabric and using tracing paper drew the shape of the pocket out then on to the fabric and cut it, it may be a bit off in places so just keep trimming and checking... remember "you can always take away but never add" with this sort of thing.
I did this with both pocket's, a little tip for anyone not realising... don't bother tracing another for the other pocket, just flip the tracing paper. The pockets are basically mirrored so it will work fine.

You could just sew the 'fabric pocket's on by securing the fabric on with dress making pin's but i wouldn't highly recommend it. I wanted some sort of adhesive to cling the fabric to the jean as an extra glue as well as the thread.
For this i used bonda web, I do prefer using the one with the paper backing because it's how i was always taught to do it and it's much easier to cut the shape exactly but I couldn't find any in my kit. Instead I used the "strip" one many people use, in-case anyone using this was un-sure how to do it (trust me in sewing class quite a few stuck bonda web to the class iron... never good.) so to use this you want to cut pieces to fit the pocket like shown in the photo, make sure it is on the jean and not the fabric because you need to melt/warm the glue with the iron, you don't want the glue melting to the iron you want it to melt on the fabric! so after positioning it gently put the fabric over and make sure no bonda web pieces are sticking out ready to ruin your iron and just run the iron over, a few time's will do you don't want to burn it and it melt's quite easily!
If not you could use a fabric glue or all purpose... next up i straight stitched around the edge, It was a bit tricky because i had to puch the needle through the thick edge around the pocket meaning alot of time's i went in my finger (owch)
I spent about 3 hour's sewing away, took the photo ( below ) came back and after my mum & I stared at them we realised something didn't look right but we couldn't work it out. yep the stripes were the wrong way AND i just wasn't sure how well it looked. I realised because i was looking at a topshop photo where the stripes were horizontal i totally forgot to rotate.
So after all that i ripped out the stitches and started again (yes on the same night, *yawns with tiredness*)  but this time and to also save time i actually tried to do the american flag, just the same method, i also bonda webbed the little flag's!

I will make a better and much neater pair with different fabric's when It isn't half way through the night. Which also explains why my camera quality is awful (below especially.) I really want to do a pair with leather pocket's... maybe stud's on a pair as well.

P.S- the photo(s) below were taken in a mirror which is why the flag is 'flipped'.

Having a big cuddly german shepherd helper is optional.
After finishing and about to put thing's away i turnt round to see this,
she always always lays with me when I do diy's!

I love the american flag on clothes lately, so this is for my american reader's- i see i have a few which surprised me,  hello american reader's!
Hope everyone enjoyed this!

sjmwell x

17 September 2011

Studded t-shirt diy

hello lovely reader's!
I'm currently blogging while in hair roller's, oh how glamourous. After seeing jessica's post on sunday I attempted to have another go at trying it, last time wasn't the greatest!
On to the D.I.Y...

I've been wanting to do this d.i.y for age's so when I went shopping I made sure to pick up quite a few t-shirt's (I have a few planned!) I had some leather left over from my art coursework and thankfully it fitted just right. I used accurate measurement's ruler and all, check me out! and marked them with chalk, if you don't have the special dressmaking chalk then normal white chalk does the job fine, it doesn't mark like a pencil and it rub's off very easily. Use sharp scissor's to cut the leather and with pin's fix the cross on the shirt. I handstitched mine because a few month's ago i sold my sewing machine and have yet to buy a new one (cry.) It took me about 3hour's in all and i certainly had arm ache and back ache by the end of it. I originally wanted to put all mini stud's around the edge but realising it would take me about 3 year's to complete i made a cross in the middle. I know in the photo it look's like there is a huge gap in between them at the top but there isn't... honest!
After hurting my finger's by piercing the shirt and the leather the stud's finally went through ok.
I'll most probably wear a vest under the shirt it's quite see through.

There are so many different fabric's you could use for this; leopard, floral...
I'll be making more but maybe with different shapes!


10 September 2011

Cath Kidston diy purse/pocket

So i've started college, and even though most day's i'm not home until the evening (and collapse on the sofa needing a cup of tea) I'm still determined to blog regularly, promise!
Last week or it may have been two, i posted about another Cath Kidston diy here & said I would be using the oil cloth for another... here it is!
For college i needed a little purse/bag thing to hold my student card & my travel card in so it was easy to just grab and use when getting off the train without needing to dig around in my really deep large bag, trust me on the first day it took me about 10 minutes hunting for my i.d card and phone.

My fabric measured approx 8 x 6.
To make the "purse" shape, i decided how big I wanted the fold over part to be, after folding it a few time's and adjusting it i had the right amount. For anyone following this exactly the way i did it, I measured up from the bottom to 6.5 inches and marked it with chalk, you can always use pencil the rub it out. Fold up to the pencil mark and make sure you fold it tightly so it makes a nice line.
Next take some glue (I use this glue so much, I think I brought nearly 5 tubes of it during my art coursework!) and lightly spread it (I used a cotton bud) along the side's to give them a bit more hold, put pressure on it for a few second's then start sewing.
I originally did a straight stitch but that would do preety much nothing, so I did this instead- I'm not sure what it's called sorry. But this will hold it for longer and it won't break as easy when you put thing's inside.

I finished it off with a button on top, just as an extra cute touch, I brought them from a charity shop a while back so I'm glad i found a use for one! You could use it as a way to close it, but I'm going to put some velcro on there,  much easier to just stick it down.

Hope you liked this quick diy. I have a few more planned this week!


4 September 2011

how to choose what b.b cream is best for you.

This is the final post in my B.B cream series, if you are wanting to try out a b.b cream then hopefully the post's will be helpful to you!
If you haven't seen the first two "a guide to b.b. creams what is it?" and "Review of Missha perfect cover" just click on them and you can read them!

When buying a foundation or tinted moisturiser's people always say swatch them in the shop & go outside in natural light but this may be a bit hard to do with a b.b cream because they are generally from Korea and Hong Kong.
Hopefully these diagram's will help you match it up, they really helped me because when I was first researching in to what one to get I didn't have a clue as there was so many!
You just need to go across from the Mac reference, then find out what skin type the one's you match are for (oily/dry/normal etc) and swatches.

One of the b.b cream's people know more then the other's is the Skin 79 one, The pink is usually for people with oily skin and the gold is for dry skin. 
For anyone with dry  skin I would definately recommend the Missha perfect cover, see my review here. I've been using it for a few week's now and i love it, i'm still amazed it suit's my super pale skin.
If anyone has any question's about anything, comment below!


2 September 2011

first time gel nails

purple reign
I had "shellac" on my nail's yesterday & this is what they look like- however when i  was actually having them done i  don't think they were actually shellac, but a different company, i'm not sure.
They are incredibly shiny but perfectly shiny, i love nail's with a wet look topcoat. The camera didn't really pick up the true colour, it's not as dark as It look's here! In the light it looks like a preety metallic purple then normal again when straight on.
It's meant to remain chip free for 2 week's+ so i'll keep the blog updated on how well It keep's, it dried as soon as it was under the light, It was so weird not to be cautious about going in my bag and smudging them!

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