10 September 2011

Cath Kidston diy purse/pocket

So i've started college, and even though most day's i'm not home until the evening (and collapse on the sofa needing a cup of tea) I'm still determined to blog regularly, promise!
Last week or it may have been two, i posted about another Cath Kidston diy here & said I would be using the oil cloth for another... here it is!
For college i needed a little purse/bag thing to hold my student card & my travel card in so it was easy to just grab and use when getting off the train without needing to dig around in my really deep large bag, trust me on the first day it took me about 10 minutes hunting for my i.d card and phone.

My fabric measured approx 8 x 6.
To make the "purse" shape, i decided how big I wanted the fold over part to be, after folding it a few time's and adjusting it i had the right amount. For anyone following this exactly the way i did it, I measured up from the bottom to 6.5 inches and marked it with chalk, you can always use pencil the rub it out. Fold up to the pencil mark and make sure you fold it tightly so it makes a nice line.
Next take some glue (I use this glue so much, I think I brought nearly 5 tubes of it during my art coursework!) and lightly spread it (I used a cotton bud) along the side's to give them a bit more hold, put pressure on it for a few second's then start sewing.
I originally did a straight stitch but that would do preety much nothing, so I did this instead- I'm not sure what it's called sorry. But this will hold it for longer and it won't break as easy when you put thing's inside.

I finished it off with a button on top, just as an extra cute touch, I brought them from a charity shop a while back so I'm glad i found a use for one! You could use it as a way to close it, but I'm going to put some velcro on there,  much easier to just stick it down.

Hope you liked this quick diy. I have a few more planned this week!



  1. I love these posts and I LOVE seeing how creative people are. This is so nice, a job well done! x

  2. This is a brilliant post, I love this so much! Such a fantastic idea :)

    xo Samantha Grace

  3. That's so cute :) Might try that out sometime!

  4. I really like it, specially with these flowers on it!


  5. Really cute i like you choice of fabric too x

  6. Loved this, and I also love the idea of putting the fabric on the jean pockets!
    Love your blog title, I also use the wooden scrabble letters for mine, you obviously have good taste too! ;) ahah


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