2 September 2011

first time gel nails

purple reign
I had "shellac" on my nail's yesterday & this is what they look like- however when i  was actually having them done i  don't think they were actually shellac, but a different company, i'm not sure.
They are incredibly shiny but perfectly shiny, i love nail's with a wet look topcoat. The camera didn't really pick up the true colour, it's not as dark as It look's here! In the light it looks like a preety metallic purple then normal again when straight on.
It's meant to remain chip free for 2 week's+ so i'll keep the blog updated on how well It keep's, it dried as soon as it was under the light, It was so weird not to be cautious about going in my bag and smudging them!



  1. very pretty! The colour is really nice x

  2. ah such a nice colour! and they look so shiny and lush! X


  3. It is a pretty color and I really like the shiny wet look too! :) I don't believe I've actually ever gotten gel nails before!

  4. They're lovely! Chip free for two weeks? aw wow!


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