31 October 2011

I love Halloween, it's my favourite time of year. I really wanted to decorate the front of the house this year for some reason so I painted and drew on glass jar's and light them with candle's positioning all the way up the path, and scattered a few pumpkin's in the garden.

I couldn't decorate everything but my nail's could I?
My 'pumpkin's went a teeny bit wrong but nevermind, I know the 'shattered nail's' trend has come and gone but I wanted to break it up a bit but still tie in the colour's. 

Thumbs: Claires black polish (very old!)

'Pumpkins': Nails Inc atomic
Crackle polishes: Both Barry M

Happy Halloween everybody!



  1. Oh, this is so cute, Sam!


  2. Your pumpkins look awesome. and what a great idea with decorating the path!


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