10 October 2011

Mrs.Whippy... don't go!

Lush have decided to dis-continue Mrs.Whippy :(
I've only fallen in love with it recently so i'm quite sad it's going, it's always the way... finding a product you love then shortly after it dis-appearing from our shelves.
When I popped in the Lush store the other day I picked up two, but they're dis-appearing fast so if any of you love mrs.whippy now's the time to stock up. 

Mrs.Whippy makes your skin smell lovely and so soft, mm!


  1. I agree with this- I can't believe they're getting rid of such a gorgeous product! What's going on Lush?!
    I have just recently discovered it too, :(
    Such a shame.
    Great post xxxx

  2. Aww this is so cute! Too bad it's becoming almost extinct...


  3. must have to go grab one looks yummy!!!


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