16 October 2011

newspaper nails / notd

After having a week of very sparkly nails thanks to Models Own's Juicy Jules I decided to have something different, newspaper nails!
I can now read the paper on the go ;)

Firstly you'll need to paint your nails any colour you wish, i went for a nude. For this I used my favourite by Orly... the name has rubbed off but i think it's called "sheer nude" is what it says, but when layered it looks amazing.

Next up you need either; vodka, surgical spirit or rubbing alcohol. I'm not sure whether rubbing alcohol is the american version of our surgical spirit, i think it has another chemical in but nevermind.
You can get surgical spirit in Boot's (its what you use to clean piercings) however be aware it may be tricky to get hold of- I had trouble finding some last year.

Cut strips of newspaper ready so you can just grab them, you need quite a wide width so it covers the whole nail. Dip your finger in the surgical spirit- no longer then 5 second's, I did wrap tape around the sides on my left hand but then realised it won't hurt my skin, all it does is disinfect etc, don't worry! then immediately place the paper over it, the best way to get the writing clear is to press and role, then peel off slowly. Keep going until you do all the nails, for my thumb i placed the little "sun" box that is on every page of the paper as a cute touch, obviously it's backward's but it still look's cute!
Surgical spirit mattifies the nail so you will need a top coat, unless you like a matte nail- it does give it a lovely effect!
My recent all time favourite is O.P.I's "rosy future" it's a beautiful clear colour but has a hint to it, so when in the light it turns a lovely pink, it look's perfect on french nails!

Word of warning... wait a good 30minutes or longer until adding a top coat, the print will run and blur... trust me! I had to re-do a few nails. If this does happen just take the tiniest amount of varnish remover on a  Q-tip and lightly rub away the ink and give a fresh coat of polish and repeat.

I tweeted on twitter saying I used the Orly polish and Orly responded, which i didn't expect at all, made my evening!



  1. Wow that is SUCH a cool idea. I think you may have just started a trend! xx

  2. this is awesome, I want to try it!

  3. I love this, I really need to give it a go!

  4. Oooh I LOVE this thanks so much for sharing, cannot wait to try this out!!! :-)

  5. You've done them so neatly, i'm so impressed. x

  6. I tried this out a few weeks back and i think the effect is amazing!!
    great job!


  7. I'm going to try this - AMAZING!

  8. I've been hoping someone would make a post about this so I could try it! They look great

  9. amazing! they look so good sam! i need to try this. x x x


  10. looks so so cool, i havee to try this x

  11. They look so good. I failed at this before but now i'm definitely going to try again. x hivenn

  12. Omg.. They look great! Wish I had the patience or skill to attempt it haha x

  13. I love this, definately going to give it a try! Very cool blog, love the layout and all.. And I see we have a shared love for michael Kors watches!


  14. Great post, They look so cool and you explained the process really well. Will give this a try soon :) x


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