27 November 2011

What I wore #005 // oh little butterfly

Jumper: H&M
Short's: Primark
Trio & Teapot necklace: Topshop & Primark
Boot's: Dorothy Perkins

Sorry you can't really see the print on the short's, I was actually freezing when taking these photo's and totally forgot, It's butterflies,  i'll have to take a photo and post it soon!
I  have two of these jumper's now, in different colour's. I might buy a few more in the rest of the colour's... i love them!

18 November 2011

Friday face of the day

I've never done a "face of the day" mainly because i'm incredibly self concious of my undereye circles as a result of extreme insomnia, they're really purple based so they are a pain to cover up. But yesterday I just randomly took one, so here it is (be nice, haha.)
It's quite boring but I only had a small amount of time to get ready so nothing amazing, plus I had a driving lesson so wanted something natural looking and easy.
I used a different camera, i'm still trying to work out the colour balance when taking a photo in low light which is why it's a weird colour, sorry!

No 7 intense volume mascara (top and bottom lashes)
Maybelline Colosal mascara
Tiny amount of "Phloof' eyeshadow by Mac in the inner corners & lightest shade from Mua's Heaven & Earth palette
One of the light browns blended over the eye's from same Mua palette.  (can't remember which one it was!)

Olay multi radiance cream
Avon Magix face perfector/primer
Superdrug naturalhigh brightening eye cream
Mac studio finish concealer
Vivo under eye roll on concealer
No 7 triple protection tinted moisturiser
Mac msfn powder

I don't really like using my Mac concealer anymore, I'll be switching it for something else when it run's out, it's lasted me since last January which is good but it's tricky to blend and work with at time's, one reason amongst a few why I use an eye cream, it really makes it easier to apply studio finish.

May be doing a series of post's soon on dark under eye circles!

1 year blogoversary.

It really doesn't seem like it's been a year since I made my very first blog post, it feel's much shorter, when I made that random blog post on present's I had brought for christmas last year I didn't know which direction my blog was going in, I was so un-sure what to blog about. I've spoken to some really lovely people on twitter by blogging which I never even thought of when I first made a blog, there really is some nice people in the 'blogging world' and i'm so happy to be part of it, thank you all for following my little blog and commenting on my post's, it really does make me smile.
Many people create a giveaway for their first year of blogging, I will be doing one in the summer because i'll have more time, It will include a variety of thing's which I 
hope you'll like!


14 November 2011

OPI- meep meep meep notd

OPI meep-meep-meep

This was one of the polishes I picked up in a recent 'haul'. If you want to see swatches of the other one's I picked up, I posted here!
I was trying to find a 'dupe' for OPI's let me entertain you  and this is preety close to it, I'd say it's a tiny bit darker and the glitter is a bit bigger which you can't really see in the photo, it was hard to try and get a photo of it, but there are plenty of online swatches where you can see the glitter.
This photo was actually taken after I've had it on for 5-6 day's, I only have a slight chip on one or two nail's which I blame to me doing some diy's. I used a new top coat from OPI which is also in the haul and wow, I don't think a polish has ever lasted so long.

12 November 2011

Polish haul & swatches!

The other day I went through one of my "I really love nail polish & want to buy every lovely one in sight" moment's, and this is what the result was. It's really un-like me though, i'm more of a 'save money' girl not spend it all, so yeah i'm not "treating myself" to anything else for a little while.

After having my nail's painted in Let me entertain you I've been on the hunt for a match to it, which is why most of these are pink's, Meep Meep Meep is beautiful and much nicer in person then what online swatches looked like, if you want to see what it look's like on my nail's, I have a notd with it on which i'll post soon.

SeƱorita rosalita, Be a dahlia won't you,
meep-meep-meep, congenality is my middle name
(in natural sunlight)
Meep Meep Meep has thicker pieces of glitter that don't really 'catch the light' but are still noticable, Be a dahlia won't you is very glittery compared to what it look's like here, the glitter is mixed in the polish (it doesn't "sit" on top of the nail like a chunky glitter e.g juicy jules below.) and it just look's amazing when you turn in the light,  it's very lovely- it would be perfect if it was a tiny bit dark but I still love it.
I also ordered Model's Own's new Beetlejuice nail polishes, and they wasn't as preety as they looked online, but they're still nice. I had Juicy Jules on my nail's the other week, it's lovely and a close second to my favourite opi d.s radiance.

I'm in love with the skin quencher's, I recently reviewed them here if you fancied a read.
P.s- yes i know i have two of 'Be a dahlia won't you' it's so so preety, I wish i'd picked up 2 of meep meep meep.

5 November 2011

O.P.I Avo Juice skin quenchers for christmas

I tweeted the other day about my opi haul, and these two little yummy gem's were part of it, I'm so glad I picked them up.
O.P.I have a collection of skin quencher's in a variety of very lovely flavour's but these two were different... christmas edition!
The Vanilla snowflake smell's of christmas I just can't explain it, it's amazing- the vanilla smell is very strong which is lovely, but when you apply it and smell it you can smell a tiny hint of something else which I really can't describe, but it's so nice.
The winter huckleberry is a nice fruity berry smell but it isn't over whelming it's just the right amount.

On to the very handy thing about these lotion's, they literally take 2 minutes or less to dry and sink in your skin, and by the time 5 minutes has passed my skin was so so soft I was amazed. The vanilla smell's very much good enough to eat. These would be good all rounder's for the whole year; summer when you want quick soft skin when you're showing your leg's and winter for when you skin need's some moisturising.
Another handy thing is the fact it's a pump so you can just pump out a little bit, use it and no mess.

These are amazing, I don't think I've ever loved a lotion /  moisturiser before but this is so nice I really like using them, the fact they dry so fast is great if you apply them when you want to go to bed.
I picked these 30ml one's up for £1.20 each, they are so handy for popping in your bag when you're on the go and just want to use them.
I am definitely picking up load's more 'flavour's in these, I love them! You can see the selection online here.

P.s- sorry for all the notd/nail post's lately, I guess I've just been painting my nails alot...

2 November 2011

covered in gem's notd

As I was searching through pictures for inspiration on my new hair cut I found some old 'nail art' photo's and discovered what I would actually count as my all time favourite, Infact I think I did them before I even blogged, which explain's why my photo angle is a bit odd but I just had to post it, I also realised I haven't done them since, so I'll be doing them again soon!

The nail gem's were in the £ shop when i got them last year (& a half) *bargain* so i grabbed two, but you can get hold of them anywhere for reasonable prices. All of these polishes were my all time favourite's at the time (still are) except Lemon.

Thumb: Rimmel 640- Twinkle
2nd finger: Barry M 307 Lemon
3rd finger: Barry M 296 Coral
 4th finger: Rimmel 236 Green Grass
5th finger: Barry M 292 Navy

You can use nail glue to apply the gem's on after the polishes have dried but I just picked them up and placed it on when they were more wet but close to being tacky.
They don't last for a long time because the gem's decide they want to fall off but they are really preety, especially with a silver polish and black gem's for a night out!
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