2 November 2011

covered in gem's notd

As I was searching through pictures for inspiration on my new hair cut I found some old 'nail art' photo's and discovered what I would actually count as my all time favourite, Infact I think I did them before I even blogged, which explain's why my photo angle is a bit odd but I just had to post it, I also realised I haven't done them since, so I'll be doing them again soon!

The nail gem's were in the £ shop when i got them last year (& a half) *bargain* so i grabbed two, but you can get hold of them anywhere for reasonable prices. All of these polishes were my all time favourite's at the time (still are) except Lemon.

Thumb: Rimmel 640- Twinkle
2nd finger: Barry M 307 Lemon
3rd finger: Barry M 296 Coral
 4th finger: Rimmel 236 Green Grass
5th finger: Barry M 292 Navy

You can use nail glue to apply the gem's on after the polishes have dried but I just picked them up and placed it on when they were more wet but close to being tacky.
They don't last for a long time because the gem's decide they want to fall off but they are really preety, especially with a silver polish and black gem's for a night out!


  1. I love this it looks awesome. x

  2. This is so cute! xx

  3. This is awesome, i love how the gems match the polish. LOVE IT! x

  4. These are gorgeous, will deffo be trying something similar myself! xxx

  5. oh these are so pretty, so colourful ! x

  6. These are beautiful, omgosh, love them. :) xx

  7. Thanks for checking out my blog sweetie (tillymacartney.blogspot.com) I love these nails soo much! Lovely blog I'm going to follow :)
    Tilly M x

  8. these are so cool
    need to try them

    come and say Hi, we could start a stylish friendship
    The Dolls Factory


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