18 November 2011

Friday face of the day

I've never done a "face of the day" mainly because i'm incredibly self concious of my undereye circles as a result of extreme insomnia, they're really purple based so they are a pain to cover up. But yesterday I just randomly took one, so here it is (be nice, haha.)
It's quite boring but I only had a small amount of time to get ready so nothing amazing, plus I had a driving lesson so wanted something natural looking and easy.
I used a different camera, i'm still trying to work out the colour balance when taking a photo in low light which is why it's a weird colour, sorry!

No 7 intense volume mascara (top and bottom lashes)
Maybelline Colosal mascara
Tiny amount of "Phloof' eyeshadow by Mac in the inner corners & lightest shade from Mua's Heaven & Earth palette
One of the light browns blended over the eye's from same Mua palette.  (can't remember which one it was!)

Olay multi radiance cream
Avon Magix face perfector/primer
Superdrug naturalhigh brightening eye cream
Mac studio finish concealer
Vivo under eye roll on concealer
No 7 triple protection tinted moisturiser
Mac msfn powder

I don't really like using my Mac concealer anymore, I'll be switching it for something else when it run's out, it's lasted me since last January which is good but it's tricky to blend and work with at time's, one reason amongst a few why I use an eye cream, it really makes it easier to apply studio finish.

May be doing a series of post's soon on dark under eye circles!


  1. If you hadn't mentioned your undereyes...i never would have known. Even as i do i can't see anything!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lovely look :) i'm getting enough bravery to do a fotd too haha xxx

  2. amazing blog!!!i'm following you !!if you like mine,do the same!!!


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