5 November 2011

O.P.I Avo Juice skin quenchers for christmas

I tweeted the other day about my opi haul, and these two little yummy gem's were part of it, I'm so glad I picked them up.
O.P.I have a collection of skin quencher's in a variety of very lovely flavour's but these two were different... christmas edition!
The Vanilla snowflake smell's of christmas I just can't explain it, it's amazing- the vanilla smell is very strong which is lovely, but when you apply it and smell it you can smell a tiny hint of something else which I really can't describe, but it's so nice.
The winter huckleberry is a nice fruity berry smell but it isn't over whelming it's just the right amount.

On to the very handy thing about these lotion's, they literally take 2 minutes or less to dry and sink in your skin, and by the time 5 minutes has passed my skin was so so soft I was amazed. The vanilla smell's very much good enough to eat. These would be good all rounder's for the whole year; summer when you want quick soft skin when you're showing your leg's and winter for when you skin need's some moisturising.
Another handy thing is the fact it's a pump so you can just pump out a little bit, use it and no mess.

These are amazing, I don't think I've ever loved a lotion /  moisturiser before but this is so nice I really like using them, the fact they dry so fast is great if you apply them when you want to go to bed.
I picked these 30ml one's up for £1.20 each, they are so handy for popping in your bag when you're on the go and just want to use them.
I am definitely picking up load's more 'flavour's in these, I love them! You can see the selection online here.

P.s- sorry for all the notd/nail post's lately, I guess I've just been painting my nails alot...


  1. All the smells sounds really nice - i like different scents, it's always nice to go for something than isn't strawberry! x

  2. These sound fab! Definitely going to have to try the Vanilla Snowflake; I'm sooo excited for Christmas!! xxx

  3. I never knew OPI did them! they look really cute!!
    Thank you soo much for the lovely comment! And I think you should definitely try out the cream eye-liner, im still trying to get a hang of it, but it works really great! And last for soo long!! xx

  4. These look so cute! Great xmas pressie idea!!

    xoxo Jess



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