26 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone!
These are just a few photo's of my Christmas prep and the day.
I had a lovely time and received some very lovely thing's and of course had a lovely time with the family.
If i'm honest I was more excited for my parent's to see what I'd brought them, very  à la  John Lewis advert! It just all went so fast?! Feeling very thankful for everything I have to be honest, I think sometimes people don't realise just how lucky they are.

I also realised on Christmas Eve,  I never posted any of my christmas diy's... I diy'd alot this year but I was a bit busy so totally forgot to take photo's and write them up, oh dear... until next year then!


6 December 2011

What I wore #006 // It's cold outside - Winter Outfit Of The Day

Dress: Topshop
Faux fur gilet: Charity shop
Ring's: Matalan
Boot's: Dorothy Perkin's
Nail's: Parma Violet from Topshop

This was the dress I wore for my 16th birthday party, I didn't even blog back then haha! I haven't worn it since (a whole year!) so I thought it was time for it to come outside the wardrobe. It's my nan's birthday so I wanted to look ~~presentable~~ but not dressed up to the nine's. So I attempted to make it more of a 'day' dress look, added my favourite belt at the moment so it didn't look weird. Yep it's those boot's i've worn all week, I love them.
Picked this gilet up last year in a charity shop as it was turning warm, had a feeling it would come in handy for 2011, and oh boy I'm glad I did- It only cost me a few pound's, compared to the prices in some high street shop's at the moment, it's a bargain!
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