23 January 2012

Manicure Monday; U S of A!

Haven't posted any "nail post's" in quite a while, I've mainly just been wearing OPI 'Be a Dahlia won't you?' every week because I'm obsessed with it at the moment. 
After seeing that Collection 2000 do a Manicure Monday on their twitter I thought it would be a cute idea to post every week.

I'm a little ocd so the un-neatness of some of the finger's is driving me crazy but nevermind, Couldn't find my 'tip stencil's' to get a perfect line.  I was going to paint the flag on my ring finger too but in the end left it.

I put the American flag on my jean's so why not my nail's as well?


17 January 2012

What I wore #007 // Faux.

Coat- Charity shop, Boot's- Zign at Zalando

I have actually been searching for the perfect faux fur coat for month's, I brought a few from the high street but they just were too "fake" looking or felt horrible so all returned! I even did  have a little peek on vintage online shop's, even though I really don't like paying their price's. So instead I just came to the conclusion I won't find one. Alas on my usual charity shop crawl the first shop I went in I spotted this beauty and tried it on,  a bargain price of £15. I even found a black one in another charity shop, that saying "You wait for a bus to come then two come at once" come's to mind! 

It even has the old "made in England" badge sewn in, and yes of course it still smell's of the ladies perfume, I'm going to see if I can get it cleaned so it come's up nice.
When I actually put this on I instantly thought of the Only fool's and horses episode when Del's old fiancé is drunk in the pub and laughing her head off and Rodney has to take her out, if anyone remember's it?  

It's a few sizes to big for me but in a way I like it like that, it's so so warm and snug and I love it, I can't believe how long it's taken me to find one, but at least if the snow come's in February I can wear it!

13 January 2012

Lush Rub, Rub, Rub shower scrub

Rub, Rub, Rub £7.75 (Lush)

I've never really used an exfoliator, I occasionally use shower gel's which have exfoliating bead's in but not brought a product on the main aim to "exfoliate" When I saw a photo of this I first thought of Ocean Salt by Lush because of it's bright blue colour.
To put it simply, I love this stuff.
It's a "gentle" exfoliator, i apply it when I'm in the shower so it is more gentle but if you wanted a bit more exfoliating then you can just apply this on dry skin, then wash it off. It doesn't feel too rough when you're rubbing it in because of the fine sea salt but at the same time it still feel's like it's working.
When the water splashes on it, it seem's to wash away the "salt" and leaves you with a shower gel, I then "rub, rub, rub" it off and it foam's up nicely.
Another great thing is you can use this on your hair, this would be perfect to use after swimming and I could just simply use this alone instead of taking load's of product's with me. Sea salt is popular for giving hair volume, load's of sea salt spray's came out in summer to give a "beach waves" look.
The fragrance of this is very hard to describe, it's fruity and fresh but at the same time slightly floral- which I would assume is because of the orange blossom and jasmine. It's a beautiful smell which, and I really enjoy using it. It leave's you with a beautiful aroma and make's you feel really clean even an hour later.
I'm sure Lush used to have this in a bottle, which is a really good idea because it's easier to pour out what you want and you won't get any water inside.

9 January 2012

Up you get's Lush Emotibomb

When I picked up one of the gift set's in the christmas sale's and saw this is I assumed it was a bath bomb, actually it's known as an emotibomb. I would have just thrown this in my bath none the wiser if I hadn't of been randomly reading the mini Lush book.
It's designed for the people who like the experience of using a bath bomb but prefer taking a shower.
You simply place it on the floor of the shower and the aroma's of the lime, lemon and grapefruit oils are released making your shower smell rather nice. The smell is designed to "wake you up" and it really does have a nice fruity fresh smell.
 Lush did say to place it directly in the spray of water but I put it to the side otherwise it would disappear very fast. It lasted for about 15-20 minute's before it completely dissolved. I see the good idea behind it, Sometime's bath's make me really tired and I just want a shower but It seemed a little pointless. With a bathbomb you have the nice smell, they make your skin soft, they make your bath look preety and so on but with the emotibomb you only get the nice smell.  Even though I liked the nice smell it gave off I most probably wouldn't re-purchase, Not that I could anyway... I just found out Lush have now dis-continued it. Even though mine smelt lovely, alot of people were complaining they smelt nothing and found it quite a pointless product.
I never knew of these before I picked up the gift box which this was in, Lush don't have a lot of different "flavour's" of these though, I think there's only 3 but now this is dis-continued I don't know if they have gone along with it too.
It's a shame I didn't love this product like I do with many of Lush product's I try, I liked it but I wouldn't rush to buy another.

Would you try an Emotibomb, or just stick to the bath bomb's? 

5 January 2012

What's in Kendall Jenner's make-up bag?

The Kardashian / Jenner sister's always look so flawless when ever you see them papped over magazines and on their show's. Even though they usually use make-up artists on red carpet's etc, they also do their own make-up very well, Kim K mentioned her dad sent her and her sister's to beauty lessons when they were young.  A while back Kendall Jenner revealed some of her favourite beauty product's she uses online at Seventeen.com so I thought I would do a little post in-case any one hadn't seen it, we can now all achieve them lovely long lashes!
Most product's are available here in England, but I couldn't find a few of them.

Ole Henriksen fresh start eye creme £31 ( available HERE )
Kendall say's her sister's used it when they were her age & recommended this to her and all love it, I've seen a few of them mention this quite a few time's. She applies it every night before she sleep's to prevent any future wrinkles.

Smashbox foundation primer  £29 ( available HERE )
Before applying her foundation Kendall applies this Smashbox primer, keeping her foundation smooth, look better  and last all day.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation  £33 ( available HERE )
After applying primer Kendall applies her foundation using the very popular Beauty Blender sponge, it help's to apply it smooth and evenly.

Clinique face powder £27 ( available HERE )
Kendal applies this after her foundation to keep away any shine during the day and even.

Mac blusher in 'Summer Rose' ( available HERE )
Kendal say's she loves this blush not only because of the preety rose pattern! It's from a past collection but you may find them online on blog sales etc.

Lancome Hypnose Mascara £20.50 ( available HERE )
A favourite among the Kardashian / Jenner's. I've seen Kim mention it numerous of time's on her blog and a video of Khloe being asked, saying how much she loved it for volume, length & amazing eyelashes. I also saw Kylie saying she used it too. Nearly all of the sister's, must be good!

Mac Eyeliner in Smolder ( Available HERE)
The sister's definitely love their eyeliner, and Kendall love's this one by mac.

Flirt! Liquid Eyeliner
I couldn't find this on any U.k site's, sorry!
This isn't black, Kendall say's it's more of a grey/purple which shine's in the light, and apparently look's really preety.

Smashbox eyeshadow in Whisper  *also in Debenhams* ( Available HERE )
Kendall say's she doesn't wear eyeshadow often but if she does, then this is the one!

Liplight's Lipgloss
This is such a good idea, it has a light by the applicator and a mirrored lid so you can apply when out somewhere even if it's dark, how handy!

Makeup- remover Q-tip's corrector's.
Kendall also mentioned these in her video, she uses them to tidy up any mistakes when applying her eye make-up, if you can't find these then dipping cotton bud's in make-up remover is basically it.


3 January 2012

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

£4.95 (Lush)

I'm sure most people know about Lush's Bubblegum lip scrub, It's a sugar scrub which clear's dead skin and flakiness from lips, leaving them moisturised and smooth.

I resisted purchasing this for absolutely age's, mainly because it's something I actually make so cheaply at home, I posted on my dry lip's post here. However it's filled to the top and many come with a use by date within a year, meaning it actually last's a lot longer then my home made one because of it's ingredient's. Lush's scrub also contains Jojoba oil which is super moisturising. 
I apply this every evening after removing my make-up and then apply a lip balm. It really does work in making my lip's smooth and soft. Most people simply lick this off after they're finished but I just wipe it off. It smell's like Snow fairy shower gel and is bright pink, It really does smell delicious!  Lip scrub's also come's in Sweet lip's (Chocolate flavour) Mint Julip's (Chocolate mint) and also Pow Wow which was limited edition for Christmas containing popping candy.


1 January 2012


I fell in love with the Miu Miu glitter boot's when they come out but they were way out of budget so I waited for the high street to bring out their own, of course they did.
But as if it was fate I won these Zign glitter boot's from Zalando's twitter competition and they are looovely!
I wore them over christmas to bring a little sparkle, and received many compliment's on them.
They are higher then they look which i'm not used to yet but they're really nice, and very handily have zip's on either side's of the boot.
Thank you Zalando!
Also I changed the blog very slightly, just wanted a tiny change for the start of 2012.

As It is now 2012, I hope you all have a lovely and healthy year. I can't believe i've been blogging for a year, or the fact 2011 has gone super fast.
What's everyone's resolution?
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