17 January 2012

What I wore #007 // Faux.

Coat- Charity shop, Boot's- Zign at Zalando

I have actually been searching for the perfect faux fur coat for month's, I brought a few from the high street but they just were too "fake" looking or felt horrible so all returned! I even did  have a little peek on vintage online shop's, even though I really don't like paying their price's. So instead I just came to the conclusion I won't find one. Alas on my usual charity shop crawl the first shop I went in I spotted this beauty and tried it on,  a bargain price of £15. I even found a black one in another charity shop, that saying "You wait for a bus to come then two come at once" come's to mind! 

It even has the old "made in England" badge sewn in, and yes of course it still smell's of the ladies perfume, I'm going to see if I can get it cleaned so it come's up nice.
When I actually put this on I instantly thought of the Only fool's and horses episode when Del's old fianc√© is drunk in the pub and laughing her head off and Rodney has to take her out, if anyone remember's it?  

It's a few sizes to big for me but in a way I like it like that, it's so so warm and snug and I love it, I can't believe how long it's taken me to find one, but at least if the snow come's in February I can wear it!


  1. You coat is an amazing find!! I want one but all the 'vintage' stores near me want £80-90 for them! Its frustrating as I know the shop buyers have probably only bought them from a charity shop too! You've given me hope that I should keep looking!

    Jen x

    1. Aw thank you! Yes you're right, exactly why I didn't want to pay their crazy price's, you'll most probably find one in the summer! :)

  2. Oh wow! That is absolutely stunning sweetie! I too have been searching and had the exact same problem as you - too cheap looking! Definitely inspired me to keep going though! Amazing find! :)


  3. I've been on the search for the perfect faux fur coat as well. There are some that I've seen on ASOS, but they just aren't friendly to my wallet haha. It seems you have found a lovely one though! I adore the color of it :)



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