13 January 2012

Lush Rub, Rub, Rub shower scrub

Rub, Rub, Rub £7.75 (Lush)

I've never really used an exfoliator, I occasionally use shower gel's which have exfoliating bead's in but not brought a product on the main aim to "exfoliate" When I saw a photo of this I first thought of Ocean Salt by Lush because of it's bright blue colour.
To put it simply, I love this stuff.
It's a "gentle" exfoliator, i apply it when I'm in the shower so it is more gentle but if you wanted a bit more exfoliating then you can just apply this on dry skin, then wash it off. It doesn't feel too rough when you're rubbing it in because of the fine sea salt but at the same time it still feel's like it's working.
When the water splashes on it, it seem's to wash away the "salt" and leaves you with a shower gel, I then "rub, rub, rub" it off and it foam's up nicely.
Another great thing is you can use this on your hair, this would be perfect to use after swimming and I could just simply use this alone instead of taking load's of product's with me. Sea salt is popular for giving hair volume, load's of sea salt spray's came out in summer to give a "beach waves" look.
The fragrance of this is very hard to describe, it's fruity and fresh but at the same time slightly floral- which I would assume is because of the orange blossom and jasmine. It's a beautiful smell which, and I really enjoy using it. It leave's you with a beautiful aroma and make's you feel really clean even an hour later.
I'm sure Lush used to have this in a bottle, which is a really good idea because it's easier to pour out what you want and you won't get any water inside.


  1. It looks so nice, such a lovely colour! Agreed about the sea salt, my hair become permanently more wavy after a summer in california!

  2. I need to buy this again, I haven't used this in a good 2-3 years! Back then it was in a bottle and that was so annoying! :)


  3. i want this stufff, i love lush products they are amazing xx poppymale.blogspot.com

  4. Great Post!!!! I really want to buy this now!! xx


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