23 January 2012

Manicure Monday; U S of A!

Haven't posted any "nail post's" in quite a while, I've mainly just been wearing OPI 'Be a Dahlia won't you?' every week because I'm obsessed with it at the moment. 
After seeing that Collection 2000 do a Manicure Monday on their twitter I thought it would be a cute idea to post every week.

I'm a little ocd so the un-neatness of some of the finger's is driving me crazy but nevermind, Couldn't find my 'tip stencil's' to get a perfect line.  I was going to paint the flag on my ring finger too but in the end left it.

I put the American flag on my jean's so why not my nail's as well?



  1. Love your nails, they look really good! Thank you so much for putting my badge onto your blog sidebar, that's so lovely of you :) Thanks again! xx

    P.S Great blog, following!

  2. Ohh these are soo cute!! lovely idea xxx

  3. Adore the nails lovely!

  4. They look really good! Its Australia day on thurs I should really do something similar but I'm not that talented in the nail art department!


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