9 January 2012

Up you get's Lush Emotibomb

When I picked up one of the gift set's in the christmas sale's and saw this is I assumed it was a bath bomb, actually it's known as an emotibomb. I would have just thrown this in my bath none the wiser if I hadn't of been randomly reading the mini Lush book.
It's designed for the people who like the experience of using a bath bomb but prefer taking a shower.
You simply place it on the floor of the shower and the aroma's of the lime, lemon and grapefruit oils are released making your shower smell rather nice. The smell is designed to "wake you up" and it really does have a nice fruity fresh smell.
 Lush did say to place it directly in the spray of water but I put it to the side otherwise it would disappear very fast. It lasted for about 15-20 minute's before it completely dissolved. I see the good idea behind it, Sometime's bath's make me really tired and I just want a shower but It seemed a little pointless. With a bathbomb you have the nice smell, they make your skin soft, they make your bath look preety and so on but with the emotibomb you only get the nice smell.  Even though I liked the nice smell it gave off I most probably wouldn't re-purchase, Not that I could anyway... I just found out Lush have now dis-continued it. Even though mine smelt lovely, alot of people were complaining they smelt nothing and found it quite a pointless product.
I never knew of these before I picked up the gift box which this was in, Lush don't have a lot of different "flavour's" of these though, I think there's only 3 but now this is dis-continued I don't know if they have gone along with it too.
It's a shame I didn't love this product like I do with many of Lush product's I try, I liked it but I wouldn't rush to buy another.

Would you try an Emotibomb, or just stick to the bath bomb's? 


  1. oh wow, I had never heard of these! I would have been interested to try one out.

    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

  2. I don't think I would try one, I love the bath bombs that make my skin soft and glittery :)




  3. new follower from the monday blog hop. I will have to try lush soon because everyone raves about them.


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