26 February 2012

Week in photo's 19th-26th Feb

Homemade face mask's, Murder Mystery,

 Kit Kat's, In Hindsight, J-J-J-Jessie J, Pancake day!

Haven't had a chance to really write many post's up this week, I do have a few planned it's just remembering to take photo's and write post's up.

It really felt like summer this week, it was so nice to finally get some sun instead of snow and finally wear something without a cardigan or coat over the top. 

I've also made a twitter for my website which I'll be posting soon, Would love if you would follow it. I'll be using it more when the website's up and running.

Hope you all had a lovely week!


22 February 2012

Banana & Honey face mask

When I first started blogging I used to post a home made beauty recipe post every Sunday, which really seem's like age's ago now..
I haven't made a face mask in age's so I decided to make my favourite, banana and honey!
It really is very simple, you don't need alot of banana- I just used a quarter sliced up and mashed with a fork and added a tablespoon of honey. I usually add some oatmeal but we had none in the cupboard.
It's really handy because it's a good thing to use banana's which are a bit bruised and possibly too over ripe, 9 out of 10 time's the skin is bruised but it's actually still ok to use and eat.

People may be a little wary of using honey on their face, when you think of how sticky it is it isn't the first thing you'd apply to your face. But as soon as it's stirred in to mashed banana it seem's to dis-appear and mix in, no stickiness!

Not only is this face mask quick and easy to make it's cheap too and really good for the skin.

Benefit's of this yummy mask? 

This mask is a really great all rounder, the honey & banana gentle exfoliate's the skin removing dead cell's, by adding oatmeal you have an even better exfoliation and will help to get rid of blackhead's. Honey is very moisturising too, and perfect for dry skin, instantly soothing and cooling at the same time. 
Banana of course being a fruit is full of all good stuff and nutrient's which your skin will thank you for.
People have also said this mask help's to prevent wrinkle's in the future, this doesn't surprise me. As soon as I wash this off my skin feel's refreshed, smooth and very firm, all dry skin patches have dis-appeared!
Oatmeal as well as banana is another ingredient full of mineral's which also heal the skin.

I only leave this on for 10-15 minute's then just wash it off with my usual cellulose sponge  and a quick splash of cold water to close the pore's.

People sometime's do this 3 time's a week to get the 'anti-wrinkle' effect's, but at the moment I'll stick to doing it every weekend!

Do you make your own face mask's, what are your favourite ingredient's?

19 February 2012

Week in photo's 11th-19th February

Woof, new ~Business card's~ Wardrobe, yummy, Manicure Monday,
Theory Studying, Onesies, Literally door stop bread

Been trying to study for my theory in between setting up my website (which should go live in the next few week's) I even downloaded load's of Theory test app's so I can try and regularly take them. I actually like studying for it actually which is a bonus, bit nerdy? Printed off a few 'business card's' this week, which I suppose you could call a sneak peak for the website... Very excited and I can't wait to put it live and start!
These new Squares are actually so nice, they taste exactly like chocolate orange's by Terry's, I haven't had a Squares in absolutely age's. 
P.s- I really like thick bread but this, Kingsmill.. Yo' are crazy! 

Have a lovely week everybody x


13 February 2012

Manicure Monday: Opi D.S Reserve

Opi- d.s Reserve

I really wanted to do a little Valentine's twist on my nail's but I was really tired so decided I'd try out the Designer Series I picked up. 

I didn't have a pink shade like this in my collection before, it's quite a light mid pink but I really like it. 

I have a feeling this is going to be one of them smooth polishes with 'glitter' in that turn's into a pain to remove. The silver from this Series wasn't hard to remove so we'll see! 

Happy Valentines for tomorrow everyone, single or not! 


6 February 2012

Manicure Monday; Glittter.

French pink, Orly- Shine on Crazy Diamond, Attitude Holo top coat, Models Own Juicy Jules

Sorry for no post last Monday, Had no time to paint my nail's and they were hardly chipped, yay for a good top coat!
These were actually quick and easy to do, I used 3 different Holographic glitter's (Yes, still obsessed with Holo's) so I'm dreading trying to get this off.  I also used Seche Vite for the first time last night and so far I like it, smoothed all the glitter out nicely too.

Trying to get rid of the stain on my nail's *must remember to wear base coat when wearing green polish* but in 'real life' it doesn't show up much luckily.

Have a lovely week!

5 February 2012

Week in photo's 29th-5th


Preety sunset, Snow!, A very large slice of pizza, 
Seafront, Snow!, Birthday celebration's

It snowed! I think alot of people are bored by it already, oh social network's.
I've mainly been working on my website alot this week so I haven't had much chance to blog, which is also why I missed my Manicure Monday, I didn't have a chance to write up a post, but... there should be one up tomorrow!
"Tried" to remember to take photo's again this week.
  Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!
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