19 February 2012

Week in photo's 11th-19th February

Woof, new ~Business card's~ Wardrobe, yummy, Manicure Monday,
Theory Studying, Onesies, Literally door stop bread

Been trying to study for my theory in between setting up my website (which should go live in the next few week's) I even downloaded load's of Theory test app's so I can try and regularly take them. I actually like studying for it actually which is a bonus, bit nerdy? Printed off a few 'business card's' this week, which I suppose you could call a sneak peak for the website... Very excited and I can't wait to put it live and start!
These new Squares are actually so nice, they taste exactly like chocolate orange's by Terry's, I haven't had a Squares in absolutely age's. 
P.s- I really like thick bread but this, Kingsmill.. Yo' are crazy! 

Have a lovely week everybody x



  1. Good luck with your theory test! and im pretty excited by the picture of the onesies! x

  2. You're setting up a website? This sounds interesting, cant wait to hear more. Good luck with the launch, and good luck with your theory test! x


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