20 March 2012

A glossier dupe for Mac's Please Me lipstick?

Left: Mac 'Please Me' Right: Rimmel 'Rose Blush 810' 

Even though Mac's Please me is such a beautiful pink and my ideal shade, it really doesn't get as much use as I'd like it to, mainly because it's matte and they really dry my lip's out.  This Rimmel lipstick was actually one of my first lipstick's in my collection funnily enough and it's my go to mainly used lippy! 
I'd basically describe Rimmel's as a glossy and slightly... only slightly darker then Please Me. I only recently realised how similar they are.
I tend to apply 'Please Me' and then layer 'Rose Blush' over the top, But more commonly I just use Rimmel on it's own.

Have you tried either of these?



  1. looks like a lovely colour; i love Rimmel lippys, they always put moisture back into my lips, MAC lippys tend to dry them out! Lovely blog :) xo

    1. I agree, Love Rimmel's lippy's! Thank you :) xx

  2. I have tried neither. Both colors are gorgeous though. I really like the matte look on a lipstick but never thought about how drying it could be. I have very little experience wearing lipstick as I usually don't. I know I should start though since I am already in my early 20s.

    Thanks for the great review.

    New follower from the blog hop.

  3. I just purchased please me by Mac I hope it doesn't dry out my lips too much


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