28 March 2012

My much loved MUA Heaven and Earth palette

£4 (Superdrug)

I know, I know... I'm a little late to be blogging about this little beauty. This was literally on every blog when It came out and I can now see why it's so loved. It took me quite a few month's to finally pick this little gem up though because none of my local stores stocked the Pro range. I've been using it nearly every time I've worn make-up since I brought it before Christmas, so I think It finally deserves it's own little post! 

I mainly use this palette for highlighting and lining shade's, mainly because some of the brown's are way to bronze and golden for my super pale skin to wear as day colour's. In many photo's including mine above this tend's to photograph paler then it is, in person it's darker but still as gorgeous.

This a great palette to just throw in your bag, you can instantly update your look on the go with a darker shade ready for the evening. Many people named this the cheaper dupe of Urban decay's very well known ''Naked palette" which I haven't got so i'm not sure. Even if you only like a few of the shade's from the palette, £4 for 12 shade's is incredibly good. The shadow's do not feel 'cheap' which is always a plus. They all have shimmer so girl's who prefer matte shade's may not like this, one or two of them have bigger pieces of glitter/shimmer in which I tend to miss because it fall's in my eye's, and just irritates them.

I'm sure everyone can find their perfect palette, MUA have 8 to choose from- and even a 24 shade palette too. I'm definitely going to be looking at investing in some more palettes.

Luckily MUA have recently opened up their own website with all their product's available to buy so now people who un-fortunately can't get to a Superdrug store can order. I know many American's wanted to get hold of these palette's, I'm not sure if they ship out of U.K but it's worth a look.

Do you have this palette?


  1. Beautiful Palette with a great Combination of Colors!


  2. Yes they ship out of the UK! :)) I asked several weeks go. I definitely would love to get my hands on this palette! Thanks for the review.
    xo Smitty

  3. I love this too, its such great pigmentation for the price! xx

  4. I really want this but like you've said, its been compared to the naked palette...which I already have so don't want two of practically the same thing :/ great post.x

  5. i really want to buy this pallet, herd such great reviews!


    1. It's really good for £4- they have quite a few to choose from :)

  6. What a wonderful palette! And such a good price. Found you on blog hop, and I'm now following :)


  7. Hey :) i've just started following you, looking forward to reading your posts! I've been eyeing up this palette for a while definitely going to give it a whirl for the price!

    I've just started a new blog if you fancy a peek at it it's http://alittlerazzledazzle.blogspot.co.uk

  8. Yes they ship internationally!

    Lovely review, its a great palette :)

    Marie x


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