29 April 2012

Week in photo's 22nd-29th April

Going for the comfy driving attire, Treat's for friend's in Oz',
 Whats new Puddy cat, Distressing!, Future D.I.Y'S Yay!,
 Theory Test Revision, Making good time of being in traffic, Bored while waiting for my lesson, British french fancies, Woof assisting a D.I.Y, Old school times, Pretty large moon when in traffic

I've only just realised some of these photo's are one's I took while In traffic, well I suppose It's what I spent my week doing haha. These denim short's I started last weekend have kept me busy all week when I had some spare time, although my hand's are starting to get sore, I literally un ravelled all the jean & cotton to fray them one by one x 4 (each leg) owch. Found out after most people just hack with scissor's to get some fraying... "oh." and then "distressed" them which didn't make my hand's any better. Will be needing lot's of Hand cream this coming week! 
I mentioned about my theory test in a Weekly round up a while back now which was when I was sort of revising while taking lesson's, but this week I took the plunge and booked myself in for a test this Tuesday. I've been really wanting to just get it over with and done but then any mention of it I get super nervous. I sort of grew up being asked what sign's meant on long journeys which has actually came in so handy, but i'm still so so nervous on it all- repeatedly testing myself on stopping distances every day and taking a mock test 6 times a day, uh. I feel like i'm sitting my gcse's again haha, test's make me so nervous. Which is also why I've only blogged once this week, I even found myself not even tweeting (shock horror.)  I just wanted to "try" and concentrate on revising for it. Hopefully I come home Tuesday evening super happy and not in a crappy mood.

Brought some dye's for a D.I.Y project in the next week, which I'm quite excited to do and will hopefully blog about if It turn's out decent. 

Have a lovely week everyone! (wish me luck :/)


27 April 2012

My current skincare routine

I've been thinking about doing a skincare post for a while now, and I'm finally doing it! I might be doing a what's in my make-up bag/ daily make-up soon. Most of these product's I've used for a few year's now, and haven't really changed them.


22 April 2012

Week in photo's 15th-22nd April

Found my old S-Club concert ticket, Woof assisting a diy, Rainbow, DIY! pretty tom's, Pop Tart's, Another DIY (Post here), Sleepy kitty, New Levi jacket, Finally got MUA's blusher, Wonka nerd's, holo-ness!

It's rained so much this week then turnt to hot sunshine in the next minute which has been so weird, certainly 'April shower's'seen many rainbow's! Also feel like I've spent half the week in standstill traffic which hasn't been the loveliest. I've began more DIY's this week which I haven't done in age's, I love diy-ing. Half the time it stresses me out where I'm so ocd but it's lush, I'll try to write some post's on them and blog.
Been swatching most of the holographic polishes for my sjmwell nails site this week I'll hopefully be posting more shade's on here in the next few day's and maybe in newsletter's if you've signed up on the homepage!

Have a lovely coming week!


20 April 2012

Bleach ombre shirt's d.i.y

I'm sure everybody has seen the ombre hair trend everywhere by now, even though i think it look's really pretty I'm just not brave enough to do it to my own, instead I ombre shirt's.
Ombre is actually a french word/term for 'shaded' generally meaning that a dark colour fades to lighter. Apologies to the french If i am wrong, I haven't studied french for a while now.
I really want to try this on denim as I think the effect look's so good, they can be quite pricey in shop's so hopefully I can pick up a cheap shirt or jacket in a charity shop and have a experiment.

I did equal measures of boiling hot water to bleach to begin with then added a bit more bleach. For the first black t-shirt I tied it up in a rubber band just so I didn't dip it in too much and knew where to stop, as you can see from the outcome it left un-even lines so I didn't do this the second time. I dipped in the shirt as far as I wanted the graduation to start and left it for a couple of minute's. I dipped in the bottom half of it about 15cm and left it for longer, the longer it's left in the bleach the brighter copper/red will be. Some people tend to soak the whole shirt in water before dipping it in but I totally forgot to and just went on in.

Wash it out with water and squeeze it through so all the dye/bleach can run out then leave for 20minutes or so. If you washed it straight away you'd tend to lose the colour.

I also did grey and it turnt out a vibrant orange, I left this in a bit longer then the black shirt. I don't have a clue why it goes up like a mountain it must have fell in the bleach a bit. Third time lucky, my other burgundy shirt came out much better when I sprayed it instead, I also did a dip dye on it but I'm waiting to see how it come's out when it's dried. I fringed the black one too I decided to cut them a lot longer then this one and tied a knot in them. The orange is much lighter at the bottom where the fringing is, I think it's because the sun was so bright so it didn't show on the photo's. 

I didn't really know what to expect when I attempted this d.i.y, I'm definitely going to get some white shirt's & jean's and try doing the same way but with fabric dye, ombre shirt diy-ing take 2!  I think it would come out a lot better because you can control the shade's much better then bleach.

Have you tried this before?

17 April 2012

Glitter Gal holographic nail polish in 'blue'

'Blue' middle finger 'Marine Blue'

I decided to try and swatch most of the holographic's in an attempt to show their beauty, also I know a few people found it hard to decide what shade to get so hopefully these swatches help you out.
In photo's of the bottle's Blue & Marine blue can look very similar, they really aren't in person, Blue remind's me a light aqua blue sea and 'Marine blue' is darker, as you can see in the swatches they are different.

All the photo's were taken in natural sunlight, no flash. They really are the most amazing holographic's, so buttery smooth too.

What's your favourite shade?


15 April 2012

Week in photo's 8th-15th April

Bargain fur coat for £5, Seafront, Hershey's & rhubarb custard sweet's, Beetlejuice, Favourite shoes sold out again, smile!,
US OF A, favourite summer shade, feet, chocolate, Costa Cream Cooler, Doily's

To sum this week up would be eventful but full of bargain's. My mum and I went on our Charity shop run (which consists of us going to a few town's around us in their charity shop's) it's lovely and I really enjoy hunting for bargain's with her.  Didn't return with as many goodies as last time, however I did find some lace doily's in our favourite vintage/antique shop and picked some up, then went in a charity shop and saw them for only 50p each, ah! I'd been searching for some doily's for absolutely ages and have had no luck so I now have 11 in total, is it weird for a 17 year old to want lace doily's? most probably, they just remind me of my nan and always seeing them as a child and I just think they look pretty. Continuing our bargain filled week we went to a market for a browse another day & I saw these usa & stripe legging's- I'd seen them on ebay & other online shop's but they were about £14 each and I knew they would be transparent so I just didn't get any. Was a little excited when I saw these for only £5 each and a quarter of what online places want, bargain. Also popped in one of my favourite charity shop's- I never leave this shop without picking up something which is so rare but I love it. I had a little browse at their sale rail and saw this fur coat, it had £10 on the label and it would have been silly to not pick it up at such a good price. Then we realised it said "all items half price" which made it £5. I've never found such a good bargain. I paid 3 times that on the fur coat I blogged about here and thought that was a good price so I was really happy, especially when you see them for £40+ in 'Vintage stores' all this time I've been hunting for one for ages too.
Tried a Costa Creamy Cooler for the first time this week, I'm generally more of a Starbuck's lover if I'm honest, it just tasted of iced milk and not so much vanilla so I'm sticking to nice frappucino's from now on.

Do you prefer weekly round-up's with, well... a bit of a round up paragraph? I don't want to bore anyone with long paragraph's on these post's but I sometimes don't know whether to write much or not, would love your opinion's! 

I hope you all had a nice week as always!

14 April 2012

MUA Shade 7 lipstick possible dupe for 'Vegas Volt by Mac'?

L-R Mac 'Vegas Volt' MUA 'Shade 7'
Available at Superdrug £1

This lipstick is actually from MUA's standard range they brought out first where everything is £1, they actually have a really good selection of shade's, I think they actually have 14 different colour's? You definitely could find one you like amongst them. When I first brought this I thought it was really similar to Vegas Volt by Mac, It is slightly but this is a more pinker coral & sheerer where as Mac's looked more orange toned in person.

I wore Vegas Volt quite a lot last summer, I even posted about it here. It looked really pretty worn sheerly against my pale skin, but this would look gorgeous on anyone, just adapt how you wear it. If people are a bit put off by the more orange tone to Vegas Volt I'd recommend MUA's, it can be a bit more wearable because it's more pink. Plus it's £12.50 less! You could buy nearly every single lipstick by MUA for that.
I love MUA's lipstick's and I'm definitely going to buy more.

Have you tried MUA's lipstick's? what's your favourite shade?

11 April 2012

Natural Collection blush in Pink Cloud

Natural Collection are actually a 'Boot's Brand' where all product's are £1.99+.  The price may make people a little dubious of spending so little and therefore not expecting much quality. I actually find their product's to be really good for only 2 of my English pound's.
I actually used to have quite a few of their blusher's when I was 'younger' but I lost them when I moved. I'm sure this is the blush  I used to use when I was in school and wasn't really bothered about make-up. It just prove's it can suit many skin tone's, I'm much much paler now then what I was and it still suit's me. When I picked this up in store all of them were rattling because the pan wasn't glued on to the plastic, but it's nothing a bit of glue couldn't sort when I got home so no problem.
I'm glad I re-discovered this little blush because It really is my perfect shade, in the light it's a light standard pink but when swatched it look's a shade darker but still so pretty. I'm sure this is matte, I can't see any shimmer in the pan, I like it like that though- it give's a pretty natural look on the cheek's.

It is quite sheer and does feel cheaper but it's still decent quality. People used to more high end blusher's will feel the difference.

Have you got any Natural Collection blushes? What's you favourite shade?

8 April 2012

Week in photo's 1st-8th April

Lemon Ice, Duck's on the beach, Cream tea, Woof want's to play,  Current favourite book, Spring Clean, Miss Guided treat, blahGrowing fruit & vegetables, Birthday Celebration's, Colour Tattoo's, Cute wagtail

Didn't have a chance to post last week's round up so today's is a mash up of last and this week.
Starting to become a bit green fingered this week, going to attempt to grow Pumpkin's, potatoes and what not. Usually I just stick to the easy strawberries & tomatoes but feeling adventurous this year. Had a major wardrobe tidy up too, out goes the granny cardi's & jumper's and in more dresses and vest's. Last year I moaned I had zero nice cardigan's but I think  know, I brought load's of knitted goodies in charity shop's last winter, It piled very high & I just didn't realise how much knitwear I really have, oop's...
Also been reading Jazz Domino Holly' book this weekend and I love it, my mum got it out at the library for me (know's me well) and it literally is the book I've been searching for, for age's. It's full of diy & crafty goodness and basically my idea of perfection & full of how-to's. I'm so buying a copy and keeping it for future references!  
And of course it'd be rude to say no to Lemon ice when the sun is shining.

Have an 'Egg-celent' week everyone!
(That was bad, wasn't it?)


5 April 2012

On Film #1

Just a few ~snap's~ from a few of the day's we had lovely warm sun in England. Not my usual post- it's a bit different. Was lovely to be able to take decent photo's for the blog with the natural light & get some Vitamin D in the process. Isn't it funny how the sunshine make's people in such a better mood? I seemed to get lot's done too! 
We also had heavy rain last night & predicted snow fall, that was shortlived!
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