14 April 2012

MUA Shade 7 lipstick possible dupe for 'Vegas Volt by Mac'?

L-R Mac 'Vegas Volt' MUA 'Shade 7'
Available at Superdrug £1

This lipstick is actually from MUA's standard range they brought out first where everything is £1, they actually have a really good selection of shade's, I think they actually have 14 different colour's? You definitely could find one you like amongst them. When I first brought this I thought it was really similar to Vegas Volt by Mac, It is slightly but this is a more pinker coral & sheerer where as Mac's looked more orange toned in person.

I wore Vegas Volt quite a lot last summer, I even posted about it here. It looked really pretty worn sheerly against my pale skin, but this would look gorgeous on anyone, just adapt how you wear it. If people are a bit put off by the more orange tone to Vegas Volt I'd recommend MUA's, it can be a bit more wearable because it's more pink. Plus it's £12.50 less! You could buy nearly every single lipstick by MUA for that.
I love MUA's lipstick's and I'm definitely going to buy more.

Have you tried MUA's lipstick's? what's your favourite shade?


  1. It is close to a dupe, but i actually prefer the MUA shade


    1. Yeah, I prefer mua's too- plus it's much cheaper x

  2. i really like Mua's shade 7, but shade 6 is so far my current favourite :) x

  3. I almost bought Vegas Volt the other day...am I glad I didn't! Thank you so much haha

    Just to let you know I'm having a giveaway (click here!), including a Benefit Erase Paste :-)

  4. hiya doll!
    hmm, i havent actually tried the MUA lipsicks, but i love their eyeshadows :)
    just popped over from #bbloggers chat and i love your blog!


  5. I love MUA


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